Highway Code Road Signs for Driving Test

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Road signs to learn for UK driving test

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Question Answer
8c2232ab-0703-4042-a9d1-4b0d125c2bcd.jpg (image/jpg) Entry to 20 mph zone
d6a95e1c-1ddd-48d5-b8b9-4ed0b6e8f067.jpg (image/jpg) End of 20 mph zone
53fdac39-c90c-4dbc-b946-f9294ebcc6aa.jpg (image/jpg) Maximum speed (40 mph)
5ef00af7-610f-48db-abf6-2ae91ea04257.jpg (image/jpg) National speed limit applies (60 mph single carriageway, 70 mph dual carriageway)
0944e001-b41c-4944-b39e-b5569a7a598e.jpg (image/jpg) School crossing patrol
5a736a32-9c1a-4fdd-b8fa-2e03ebb6f2c1.jpg (image/jpg) Stop and give way
0171dfe2-d7e4-4526-b4d8-1ba6f2b4ac0c.jpg (image/jpg) Give way to traffic on major road
132c12f7-59d7-4678-9129-f6e6f5494ab8.jpg (image/jpg) Manually operated temporary STOP sign
42bfb0bf-30d9-4b94-a08d-c128b0df2e4a.jpg (image/jpg) Manually operated temporary GO sign
645e1c27-8558-4d6e-806a-d8d4f3e3ae8c.jpg (image/jpg) No entry for vehicular traffic
d71c7418-1062-49c6-87c0-2b3dbc310055.jpg (image/jpg) No vehicles except bicycles being pushed
3763be5c-a31b-42e3-9577-807131ec7f99.jpg (image/jpg) No buses (over 8 passenger seats)
542ae3f9-1fbe-4298-9d5d-3088363f0591.jpg (image/jpg) No cycling
0f750062-609c-4510-baff-d652568551ff.jpg (image/jpg) No motor vehicles
2eb07d1f-f988-421a-87b0-ce5b4e476770.jpg (image/jpg) No overtaking
caa6e5b9-3b84-4d51-86f3-668f91f977cf.jpg (image/jpg) No towed caravans
29bcc59f-eb4c-40a1-9f20-c78ffe600689.jpg (image/jpg) No vehicles carrying explosives
f71b6f19-cc50-4854-9af9-6812bfb41814.jpg (image/jpg) No vehicle or combination of vehicles over length shown
ae57f714-d83d-4d1b-abef-8c85e73ed6b5.jpg (image/jpg) No vehicles over height shown
9d92e817-f090-43b4-95e0-6e96d77fe65b.jpg (image/jpg) No vehicles over width shown
516988fa-5100-4830-b137-9f72b0d4ccd8.jpg (image/jpg) Give priority to vehicles from opposite direction
8d89243b-70c2-4b09-a9db-91b718bee177.jpg (image/jpg) No right turn
e99fcc31-2c91-42e9-99de-aee92b6bf35b.jpg (image/jpg) No left turn
25ba832c-520c-40dd-bef8-ec18103cc922.jpg (image/jpg) No U-turns
de0dff7d-aec6-4252-b416-495b43eca41f.jpg (image/jpg) No goods vehicles over maximum gross weight shown (in tonnes) except for loading and unloading
2014b5e9-3646-444a-a344-c9341b81b70b.jpg (image/jpg) No vehicles over maximum gross weight shown (in tonnes)
02f8bc6e-5c5c-468b-8f9d-e002b374effd.jpg (image/jpg) Parking restricted to permit holders
f86f39e2-1c5c-4f98-b226-a04fe56059ae.jpg (image/jpg) No stopping during period indicated except for buses
848e0c02-a5b4-4571-bafd-0007c82bdad8.jpg (image/jpg) No stopping during times shown except for as long as necessary to set down or pick up passengers
f620a14a-83d3-4777-868e-b4fa67a32592.jpg (image/jpg) No waiting
7c484e34-0898-4b55-ab83-69732d95a326.jpg (image/jpg) No stopping (Clearway)
1ed9285d-65c7-41d9-bdaf-4926a8a29038.jpg (image/jpg) Ahead only
6d17d4d0-4b1e-4e27-a39a-8f50484e4a35.jpg (image/jpg) Turn left ahead (right if symbol reversed)
49280c1c-766f-4b2d-a307-793473677722.jpg (image/jpg) Turn left (right if symbol reversed)
2bf18a65-9df0-46fa-b4c2-ed7f6c8e5e36.jpg (image/jpg) Keep left (right if symbol reversed)
ea782682-622d-42da-90cc-2de5348c2649.jpg (image/jpg) Vehicles may pass either side to reach same destination
de2982ec-9007-4d43-8a44-3adb94a1e6b5.jpg (image/jpg) Mini-roundabout (roundabout circulation - give way to vehicles from the immediate right)
Route to be used by pedal cycles only 5de4fe74-8ad7-4be2-b390-719e8087380c.jpg (image/jpg) Route to be used by pedal cycles only
73411e8c-c57b-4480-8d78-83d62771cb2d.jpg (image/jpg) Segregated pedal cycle and pedestrian route
2adfc8ed-b85e-4f4d-9a91-83cfeb0db2c0.jpg (image/jpg) Minimum speed (30mph)
090fd8f3-fa75-4420-a304-792b263f7377.jpg (image/jpg) End of minimum speed
f3bddbac-950b-4120-9f1c-ddf1b33797c8.jpg (image/jpg) Buses and cycles only
99a8c8b6-358e-4e83-9bed-addb64a7c2f3.jpg (image/jpg) Trams only
3eb5a981-7df7-4c0e-b30b-7c5d91147a71.jpg (image/jpg) Pedestrian crossing point over tramway
ef40c942-ac82-47ed-b15f-c9591d01d0bc.jpg (image/jpg) One-way traffic (note: compare circular ‘Ahead only’ sign)
41a35c5a-f090-4838-8e21-c63e1ae2fd0a.jpg (image/jpg) With-flow bus and cycle lane
4f79cd35-2adb-4c71-8388-62bf5a23a40a.jpg (image/jpg) Contra-flow bus lane
04e06393-b50e-454e-8738-cd1a797ead7a.jpg (image/jpg) With-flow pedal cycle lane
f00c897f-d063-4250-bfb4-837c7fb5f354.jpg (image/jpg) Distance to ‘STOP’ line ahead
eb27a9c6-c549-4f19-87c0-b298c29234c7.jpg (image/jpg) Dual carriageway ends
74125b41-0b48-4049-be42-dc146bc52cde.jpg (image/jpg) Road narrows on right (left if symbol reversed)
bad2efe2-4310-408d-a841-ccd5434a8162.jpg (image/jpg) Road narrows on both sides
04692358-6c74-41bc-8e7a-f167ea251ccd.jpg (image/jpg) Distance to ‘Give Way’ line ahead
47b86cb7-2f56-42f0-97ff-647b171c59df.jpg (image/jpg) Crossroads
0f2c899c-df99-43f9-a718-96c9e54304aa.jpg (image/jpg) Junction on bend ahead
dff15ba6-6d1c-4d06-a005-cb7fbc684856.jpg (image/jpg) T-junction with priority over vehicles from the right
d105f82f-f935-455e-aaee-814c60312e6b.jpg (image/jpg) Staggered junction
d14f8c4b-e6a2-4f5d-9011-9ae794b0e4ba.jpg (image/jpg) Traffic merging from left ahead (The priority through route is indicated by the broader line)
79d578b4-aa1a-4934-b57c-68a2909d206e.jpg (image/jpg) Double bend first to left (symbol may be reversed)
05ff39f6-58c8-476a-84a3-8e3ab1106f74.jpg (image/jpg) Bend to right (or left if symbol reversed)
6c0874a9-1bb3-4914-a687-b5a8b1c1667f.jpg (image/jpg) Roundabout
ed3f450a-721a-4412-ab11-c877184dd4a1.jpg (image/jpg) Uneven road
9a24521e-bf88-421a-8ad9-d0cd63a07e74.jpg (image/jpg) Reduce speed (plate appears below some signs)
713dc928-f75d-4ee8-b357-813dc81dd494.jpg (image/jpg) Two-way traffic crosses one-way road
1b83b883-9d1c-4568-96dc-600b619d1f27.jpg (image/jpg) Two-way traffic straight ahead
005327a5-de24-49fc-a0d8-6ed52e3c6618.jpg (image/jpg) Opening or swing bridge ahead
9c096c32-47c3-42ea-881a-e6f9f1cd3d76.jpg (image/jpg) Low-flying aircraft or sudden aircraft noise
07b3e87e-42a4-4044-9551-852d93b4304c.jpg (image/jpg) Falling or fallen rocks
b6152e3e-0b52-444b-b877-efa89499b781.jpg (image/jpg) Traffic signals not in use
6f4f4bbd-aa80-4624-8aa9-9f624f67c593.jpg (image/jpg) Traffic signals
f717b5d1-e214-4a54-83dd-83e927aaab52.jpg (image/jpg) Slippery road
21196e5d-a696-4d18-b417-ae3580b17a6e.jpg (image/jpg) Steep hill downwards
5a80829b-1c82-45fe-bdd9-67f27cf28481.jpg (image/jpg) Steep hill upwards
f9d57ae4-afb1-479c-8a43-fb7d84a3f00e.jpg (image/jpg) Tunnel ahead
7594cc5a-c382-4998-a73e-9abe081595de.jpg (image/jpg) Trams crossing ahead
89677b5d-89f7-4e11-b15f-bf590ee02a93.jpg (image/jpg) Level crossing with barrier or gate ahead
9b4ea453-3b72-4e3e-813b-f97a411143c0.jpg (image/jpg) Level crossing without barrier or gate ahead
7cbb4706-d434-485d-8aa4-c9d94e867f01.jpg (image/jpg) Level crossing without barrier
15b6d235-e091-425e-a22b-d8852b940941.jpg (image/jpg) School crossing patrol ahead (some signs have amber lights which flash when crossings are in use)
5ed2b109-5fbb-4eed-a0c0-986e8967df4f.jpg (image/jpg) Frail (or blind or disabled if shown) pedestrians likely to cross road ahead
d50e2148-5d25-4511-b5bc-1fb52570751e.jpg (image/jpg) Pedestrians in road ahead
e967000e-50c7-4496-b5c9-a2d0e2fd6e5b.jpg (image/jpg) Zebra crossing
ad79d871-785c-4c37-bfac-e5f89edfe956.jpg (image/jpg) Overhead electric cable; plate indicates maximum height of vehicles which can pass safely
bf86182f-5bbd-4ae3-9c21-dd3329b98d4b.jpg (image/jpg) Available width of headroom indicated
e714fce2-af5b-478b-96fa-c356d2ba3855.jpg (image/jpg) Sharp deviation of route to left (or right if chevrons reversed)
c9b7e171-fb5c-454a-bcbc-c44c51a8a35f.jpg (image/jpg) Light signals ahead at level crossing, airfield or bridge
672ec16b-fb23-4e3e-924f-23edc0adf430.jpg (image/jpg) Miniature warning lights at level crossings
6ddd350c-6937-4aaf-9001-aa7a3dab4d7c.jpg (image/jpg) Cattle
c31a9879-53c6-4ea5-9c70-a7c3069982e4.jpg (image/jpg) Wild animals 36d042fc-f0d5-4f1e-abee-31c557479afc.jpg (image/jpg)
b3ea17fa-45bc-46bd-9da3-e363d310f0ff.jpg (image/jpg) Wild horses or ponies
1be500ee-6717-4831-a27f-cb22a4834ff0.jpg (image/jpg) Accompanied horses or ponies
c17723ca-61cb-4073-b132-9d10f839c024.jpg (image/jpg) Cycle route ahead
3011597d-3eb7-493c-90c6-1e447db75e35.jpg (image/jpg) Risk of ice
4d40bd18-901e-449c-bfdb-300e96bd4578.jpg (image/jpg) Traffic queues likely ahead
47019caa-aa09-46e8-8ceb-c290bf4999a5.jpg (image/jpg) Distance over which road humps extend
8df7a5fa-b00a-4aa1-b8d4-e2c3b38582f3.jpg (image/jpg) Other danger; plate indicates nature of danger
c58362ad-efe7-439a-a006-414b185e5139.jpg (image/jpg) Soft verges
b22cbefa-bd3e-44a1-be92-a18f23be169a.jpg (image/jpg) Side winds
53997b45-2c6a-4de3-aa4c-55570604e4cb.jpg (image/jpg) Hump bridge
180a2a28-e799-45fc-abdb-ac420ce6031a.jpg (image/jpg) Worded warning sign
1a962752-a141-4ece-ac47-defce4a27f08.jpg (image/jpg) Quayside or river bank
8b3a531c-5bd8-488c-b41d-49cbe908d242.jpg (image/jpg) Risk of grounding
85e08aab-2864-4451-95b4-bc1d523bc7a1.jpg (image/jpg) Entrance to controlled parking zone
0a65001e-ffd4-455e-9b74-99f85bb7b1c6.jpg (image/jpg) Entrance to congestion charging zone
84ab7bcd-19da-4892-b233-1d64ba543f9b.jpg (image/jpg) End of controlled parking zone
0cad084a-6050-4c6a-bb19-476c44e02b0b.jpg (image/jpg) Advance warning of restriction or prohibition ahead
e06db865-0250-443e-88ab-072676930ecd.jpg (image/jpg) Parking place for solo motorcycles
cd41630e-ca30-45cb-9c76-6fa76b424e9d.jpg (image/jpg) With-flow bus lane ahead which pedal cycles and taxis may also use
2568dee0-4cc7-4997-a71a-b0e7a8c5cac2.jpg (image/jpg) Lane designated for use by high occupancy vehicles (HOV)
9cb8d7bc-fcdd-4577-80a5-758e1f0142d5.jpg (image/jpg) Vehicles permitted to use an HOV lane ahead
bbe958ce-7276-4d11-a7ff-760ea067c3ed.jpg (image/jpg) End of motorway
39db41d5-9fb6-4c59-a10d-1f2007b26627.jpg (image/jpg) Start of motorway and point from which motorway regulations apply
48c00187-7d55-4ce9-bfc3-fbae37158b26.jpg (image/jpg) Appropriate traffic lanes at junction ahead
505341e2-66ab-4403-bd3e-7055211f75f6.jpg (image/jpg) Traffic on the main carriageway coming from right has priority over joining traffic
0f2c8d9e-a75b-4a46-ac20-175b3616c08b.jpg (image/jpg) Additional traffic joining from left ahead. Traffic on main carriageway has priority over joining traffic from right hand lane of slip road
884ab429-c4c9-443e-a4be-70f0927c7f10.jpg (image/jpg) Traffic in right hand lane of slip road joining the main carriageway has priority over left hand lane
ab52fb06-2907-4922-ae4d-4af0dfe24768.jpg (image/jpg) ‘Countdown’ markers at exit from motorway (each bar represents 100 yards to the exit). Green-backed markers may be used on primary routes and white-backed markers with black bars on other routes.
47f719da-f956-4e0f-aba9-6f293b954fcf.jpg (image/jpg) Motorway service area sign
620688d8-3279-4338-97cd-34db243ff1ec.jpg (image/jpg) Traffic has priority over oncoming vehicles
b478d304-c3dd-4a8e-841e-cee2b27f74b3.jpg (image/jpg) Hospital ahead with Accident and Emergency facilities
d384555f-62f6-4d12-865c-185294299c56.jpg (image/jpg) Tourist information point
be3dfa48-00bd-4036-98ae-6668e5d54bbc.jpg (image/jpg) No through road for vehicles
1b3b9528-5ae6-4441-b944-b30fa0b60054.jpg (image/jpg) Recommended route for pedal cycles
0be9c43a-5d89-4532-a1f3-9b0151ff65a8.jpg (image/jpg) Home Zone Entry
1d08ecee-3d53-4781-a5fe-e3a7acffedd6.jpg (image/jpg) Area in which cameras are used to enforce traffic regulations
0a2a70e0-487d-48ac-867a-65edfbacdf5c.jpg (image/jpg) Bus lane on road at junction ahead
6235061a-ddd6-4e59-abfa-d1e40d7fbd35.jpg (image/jpg) Road works ahead
6bbfe1d8-980f-48f4-8e27-8d69d8bbba2a.jpg (image/jpg) Loose chippings
688e4c87-d459-4d14-9045-0e816bdc3aba.jpg (image/jpg) Temporary hazard at road works
db9a757d-ebdd-41a5-837e-08b1b46539e4.jpg (image/jpg) Temporary lane closure (the number and position of arrows and red bars may be varied according to lanes open and closed)
19db57e9-a411-41f7-81a1-b032765e13a0.jpg (image/jpg) Slow-moving or stationary works vehicle blocking a traffic lane. Pass in the direction shown by the arrow.
e85447fa-3747-43fa-b832-0658e55e2003.jpg (image/jpg) Mandatory speed limit (for road works) ahead
e2e92a56-309c-4c35-a4fc-abe9834353b9.jpg (image/jpg) Road works 1 mile ahead
508eb581-8e54-4632-b5e9-264a524fe349.jpg (image/jpg) End of road works and any temporary restrictions including speed limits
1fc54584-a042-439a-829f-3626c5202033.jpg (image/jpg) Signs used on the back of slow-moving or stationary vehicles warning of a lane closed ahead by a works vehicle. There are no cones on the road.
33c47f3d-5ae1-4737-be4d-47f7e1a33128.jpg (image/jpg) Lane restrictions at road works ahead
32a902d2-f6fb-4a07-b77d-6451fb7ec768.jpg (image/jpg) One lane crossover at contraflow road works