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What is classification? Organising organisms into groups based on characteristics.
What are the features of plants? Chlorophyll, multicellular, cell walls, autotrophs
What are the features of Animals? Heterotrophs, multicellular
What are the features of Fungi? Saphrophytes, , multicellular, cell wall
What are the features of protoctista? Unicellular, nucleus
What are the features of Prokaryotes? Unicellular and no nucleus
Define Vertebrate (Chordata) Has a backbone
The problems with classification are... - Variation - Ring species - Hybrids
The binomial name (e.g. Homo sapiens) tells you.... The Genus and the species
Define Variation Differences between organisms of the same species.
Three examples of genetic variation are... - Eye colour - Hair colour - Blood group
Two examples of environmental variation are..... - Weight - Hair colour
Continuous variation is when.... the individuals in a population vary in a range (e.g. Heights)
Discontinuous variation is when.... Individuals fall into groups (e.g. blood type)
The symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis are... - Breathing difficulties - Lung infections - Malnutrition - Fertility problems
The symptoms of Sickle Cell Anaemia are - Tiredness - Breathlessness - Painful joints and muscles - Fever - Anaemia
If you have two of the same allele you are Homozygous
If you have two different alleles you are Heterozygous
The phenotype is the characteristics you see (e.g. Brown eyes)
The genotype is the... alleles you have (e.g. BB or Bb)
Chromosomes are found in the Nucleus
Genes are Section of chromosome
Scientist validate their evidence by doing these three things 1. Publishing in journals 2. Getting peer reviewed 3. Going to conferences
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