Mass Tourism

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Positive and negative effects; strategies; Jamaica Case study.

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Why are tourists attracted to Jamaica? Beach/bathing areas (Negril + Montego) Watersports (Ocho Rios) Caves (Cockpit country) Golf courses (Spanish town) National parks Wildlife reserves Media (Dr No; Bob Marley; Usain Bolt)
How many tourist arrivals does Jamaica receive? 2.08 million in 2014
What are the economic benefits of tourism to Jamaica? 1 in 3 people in Jamaica are involved with tourism in some way. Tourism provides 20% of Jamaica's GDP.
What are the economic negatives of tourism to Jamaica? Leakage: an estimated 80% tourist income lost to leakage abroad (international chains; importation of tourist items etc.) Enclave tourism: 3/4 of all tourists stay in enclaves so economic benefits they bring not spread throughout island, and might not reach locals.
What are the environmental benefits of tourism to Jamaica? Marine environments are protected as snorkeling/scuba diving are important tourist attractions. Marine reserves set up (Negril Marine Park). Ecotourism: actively protects and invests in the environment. (e.g. 'Great Huts' in Port Antonio)
What environmental damage is caused by tourism in Jamaica? Destruction of habitats to make space for airports, golf clubs, villas etc. Coastal erosion exacerbated by loss of mangrove. Dredging of coastal areas (Kingston Harbour) destroying habitats for fish such as snapper.
How are tourists being encouraged to leave their enclaves on day-trips, and so spend their money across the island? Travel Foundation (NGO) encouraging tourists to leave gated compound in Montego Bay. C-fish fund encourages tourists to explore marine environments with local fishermen.
Name two strategies to reduce the negative impacts of tourism in Jamaica. --Community tourism (Villages as Businesses helping the development of this form of tourism in Jamaica) --Ecotourism (Mocking Bird Hill hotel) --Encouraging tourists to go on exploratory day trips
What are some of the strategies for maintaining the tourism in Jamaica? --Gambling sites being built: in 2008 government proposed $6.8 bn investment into two gambling hotels, Harmony Cove and Celebtration --75 bed $200 million health facility built in Montego Bay --Sports tourism-- possibility of hosting international athletics championships
Define mass tourism Tourism on a large scale to one country or region. Linked to the development and consolidation stages of the Butler Model.
What are some of the advantages of mass tourism? --Creates jobs. People move away from subsistence agriculture and day labouring to gain more reliable work. --The new infrastructure put in place for tourists (airports, hotels, power supply, roads etc.) also benefit locals. --New leisure facilities may be open to local people. --Benefit to the economy through taxation and tourist spending.
What are some of the disadvantages of mass tourism? --Tourist activity, and therefore local employment, may be seasonal. --New construction for tourists can damage environment. --Well-paid jobs may not be given to local employees, but to people from the large companies that dominate travel and the development of a tourist resort. --Investing companies not based in the country--> leakage. --Farmland used for building developments reduces local food production. --Tourists may want familiar food, so the host country imports a lot rather than producing it locally. --Culture clashes can occur.
What is community tourism and why is it good? Visitors stay in local peoples' homes, and local businesses supply their needs. It means there will be more interaction between tourists and locals, giving tourists a clearer idea of local life. It supports local businesses and tends to use fewer resources. It also minimises leakage, and the money tourists spend goes directly to the locals and not to large TNCs.
How is ecotourism being used in Jamaica? Tourists are being spread further around the island, inland to the Blue Mountains, and to parts of the coast. Nature reserves and eco-lodges increasing in number. Tourist density kept low--> reduces pressure on environment.
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