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Basic flashcards for the OCR exam on Philosophy

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What are Plato's Dates? 427-347 BCE
What is a 'Form'? A Form is an Idea or Concept of what something is
According to Plato, what are the two worlds and which do we live in? The world of Appearances and the world of Forms We live in the world of appearances
In the analogy of the cave, what does the cave represent? The world of appearances - i.e. our world
In the analogy of the cave, who does the prisoner set free represent? Philosophers
In the analogy of the cave, what do the shadows represent? They represent the appearances of the forms, i.e what we see in the real world are just shadows of forms
In the analogy of the cave, what does the sun represent? The Form of the Good
What does allegorical mean? It means that everything in a story represents something in real life
What are the four characteristics of a Form? Unchanging, Transcendent, Archetype for things that really exist, Immortal
Which is the most important Form? The Form of the Good
Name one criticism of the Theory of Forms The link between the Physical world and world of Forms is very unclear Are there really Forms of everything? Forms are just ideas in peoples minds that they pass onto eachother
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