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how does B2B marketing differ from B2C in terms of market structure? nature of demand: b-derived, c-direct demand elasticity: b-less, c-more market size: b-larget value, c-smaller value number of buyers/seller: b-few, c-many geographyc concentration: b-custered, c-dispersed
how does B2B marketing differ from B2C in terms of buyer behaviour differences? buying influences: b-many, c-few purchase cycles: b-long, c-few transaction value: b-high, c-low buying process complexity: b-high, c-simple formal systems/procedures: b-common, c-uncommon
how does B2B marketing differ from B2C in terms of marketing practice? -selling practices: b-systems selling, c-product selling -personal selling: b-extensive, c-limited -promotional activities: b-customer-specific, c-mass market -branding: b-limited, c-extensive -product complexity: b-strong, c-less so marketing channels: b-short, c-long
characteristics of B2B branding? -complex -difficult to brand goodwill, reputation, expertise -reduces risk -creates emotional ties (successful b2b branding involves emotion)
what is the framework that allows b2b marketers to construct a unique brand identity? (intangible and tangible features of marketing) INTANGIBLE: advise, adaptation (Key factor in B2B is the advice and expertise they offer the customers, more critical is adapting to the customers needs, because the relationship goes for a long time) TANGIBLE: product, logistics, service (ford 2002)
what are the 2 key strategies that seperate yout co. from the others in b2b marketing -HOW you do your business (logistics, tangible feature) -how WELL you do it
what are key strategies brands use to differentiate in the b2b market? -history -brand personality -clear brand identity -everyone in co. believes in brand and has same values
where does b2b branding start? in the company - corporate culture, internal communication, sales force training
what do businesses need to focus on to stengthen their brb branding? 1. the brand, not product, 2. the mind, not the marketplace, 3. the market leader. 4. short term, not long term, 5. focus on the global market, 6. a single word, not list of attributes, 7. a single visual, 8. the company, 9. develop your employees, 10. understand power of emotion
e.g of brand that focuses on the brand, not product in-n-out burger (focus on burger+fries) cf mcdonalds (15 item menu)
how does focusing on market leaver benefit a brand? also e.g. of brand that focuses on the market leader benefits brand by having differentiation. first, look at market leader, then create a tangible difference between your brand and theirs e.g. redbull (market leader) and mother (#2 brand)
e.g. of brands that focus on a single word...not a list of attributes google-search volvo-safety ikea-assembled furniature the body shop-natural (cosmetics)
e.g. of brand that focuses on a single visual -coke made bottle shape distinctive because fridges didn't have lights -carona uses the lime to differentiate from other beers
what are the critical emotional brand values within b2b marketing? (lynch and de Chernatony) -trust -peace of mind -security
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