CAPERCAILLIE: 'Skye Waulking Song'

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Dynamics Dynamics drop in v. 7, creating intimate vocal sound. Contrasted by full texture in v.8 making dynamics louder overall.
Dynamics gradually fades out at end
Rhythm/Metre 12/8, but ambiguous metre to begin with: hi-hat suggests 3/4 (simple) bass in 12/8 (compound) Bouzouki & Wurlitzer combined suggesting 6/8 (compound)
Rhythm/Metre at b.25, the sense of 12/8 is reinforced by bass drum/snare playing on each dotted crotchet beat bass guitar also reinforces 12/8
Structure strophic verse structure (AAA) with a short refrain at the end of each verse
Structure Vocal line 'call and response' - alternates between 4 melodic phrases (each 1 bar). Call always in Gaelic & refrain (the response) in vocables.
Melody vocal melody uses small no. of notes, using the pentatonic scale - this creates a modal sound
Melody noticeably low in female alto's range (8vb)
Melody In instrumental breaks, instrumentalists play short motifs and countermelodies mainly based on vocal phrases
Instrumentation/Timbre combination of folk & rock instruments, creating the genre 'folk fusion'
Instrumentation/Timbre synth 'with modulation' = modulation effect applied making pitch fluctuate slightly
Instrumentation/Timbre violin: tremolo effect at beginning in background 1st break, plays staccato A's crush notes, less vibrato -focuses mainly on effects
Texture in intro, there's a layered texture, with 2-part counterpoint between the Wurlitzer and Bouzouki
Texture 'NC' = no chords; acc. drops out, creating a monophonic texture for 1 bar Acts as a link between opening section & next section, and prepares for change in chord pattern.
Harmony/Tonality E minor/G major - begins with an Em cluster chord
Harmony/Tonality Sounds modal - no use of B chord (dominant of Em) or D chord (when piece sounds like it's in Gmaj)
Harmony/Tonality in outro, it alternates between G and C chord - series of plagal cadences in Gmaj
Harmony/Tonality overall, it is entirely diatonic
Word setting/painting the words are in Gaelic in the verses, amd also use vocables (nonsense syllables) in the refrains
Word setting/painting set mainly syllabically - little melismatic writing
Context -from album 'Nadurra' -released in 2000 -other musicians: Jethro Tull -other pieces by CC: Michael's Matches, Hope Springs Eternal
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