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Basic recall flashcards for Kinetics topic in CHEM 4

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What is k in a rate equation? Rate Constant
What is the overall order of reaction? The sum of the powers of each species in the rate equation
Units for rate of reaction? moldm^-3s^-1
Units for concentration? moldm^-3
Effect on rate when there is a change in concentration if reaction is zero order? Change in concentration doesn't affect rate of reaction
Effect on rate when there is a change in concentration if reaction is first order? If concentration doubles, rate of reaction doubles; If concentration triples, rate of reaction triples etc....
Arithmetic method to work out order of reaction? (change in concentration)^order of reaction = change in rate
What is the rate determining step? The slowest step in a chemical reaction: determines how fast a reaction is
Which condition(s) affect the rate constant? ONLY TEMPERATURE AND CATALYST : Pressure and Concentration DO NOT affect rate constant because the concentration of species changes (which is included in rate equation)
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