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Basic knowledge recall flashcards for Equilibria topic in CHEM 4

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What is a dynamic equilibrium? When both forward and reverse reactions are occurring at the same time at the same rate
What is Kc Equilibrium constant
What does Kc equal for the following reaction : A + 3B ---> C + 2D Kc= [C][D]^2 / [A][B]^3
How do you work out units for Kc? Multiply out units of concentration then cancel as far as you can
State "Le Chatelier's Principle" If a constraint is imposed on a system at equilibrium, then the system will react to counteract the effect of that constraint
Which condition(s) affect Kc? ONLY TEMPERATURE affects Kc
When temperature increases what happens to Kc? Kc increases if reaction is endothermic Kc decreases if reaction is exothermic
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