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UNIT 4.1 Belief In God Design Argument
No one Should be an Atheist? For World Is Too Complex for human to make Purpose to Life Science Can't Prove Everything Miracles Religious Up Bringing Everything Has A Beginning
Against No Scientific Evidence No Physical Evidence Natural Disasters Suffering In The Word Unanswered Prayers If Gd Created Humans Who Created God Free will Religious Up Bringing Eid Mosque Islamic Environment Islamic Studies Name Child
Religious Up Bring Causes People To Believe In God? AGREE If A Respected Adult Says Something The Child Will Listen Child-Mosque-Believe In God-Learn About the Quran Within Muslim Family, Beliefs Become the Norm
DISAGREE Child make up Their Own Mind About Belief In Allah Child Cannot Be Forced To Believe In Anything Teenagers May Rebel Against What their Parents Say TimeLine Of Muslim Upbringing
Religious Experiences Miracles: Something Which Seems To Break The Law Of Science E.G The Prophet[S.A.W] Split The Moon In Half
Conversion Science: Life Is Changed By Giving Your Self To Allah E.G Malcolm X, Went On Hajj And Realised that Everyone Was Equal Numinous Experience: The Feeling Or Presence Of Someone Greater Than You E.G Looking At Nature, Admiring God's Creation And How Perfect It Is
Answered Prayers: Praying To God And He Answers Your Prayer E.G. A Young Man Dealing in Drugs, Sent To Prison, Realised What He Did, Prostrated To God, Asked God To Help, Allah Answered His Prayer Miracles help You Become A Muslim?
AGREE Science Cant't Prove It Mentioned In The Quran Mentioned in the Media E.G Girls Survived A Plane Crash Only Surviver DISAGREE Illusion Logical Explanation To It One Day Science, Can Prove, Technology Is Improving
Explain How Muslims Respond To Unanswered Prayers? .Allah Is Omnipotent And Sees The Whole World Not Just Our Small Parts that Fit Into His Plans For The World .Allah Is Omniscient And He Knows Whats Best For Us
.This lIfe Is A Test And Not Getting Answers We Want Is Part Of The Test .Allah Is Omni benevolent And Cares For Us, So Sometimes The best Answer Is 'No' Problems Of Unanswered Prayers Pray- Unanswered- Abandoned- God Doesn't Exist OR God is NOT Omnipotent, Benevolent Or Omniscient
Numinous Experience Helps You To Become A Muslim? AGREE Feeling The Presence Of God. Proof Of His Existence Place Like Hajj And The Masjid, Feel Like Allah Is Protecting You
DISAGREE Illusion Made It Up Don't Believe In God William Paley's Analogy 1. A Watch Is Too Perfect And Complex
2. Must Have Been Designed 3. Same As The World, It Is Too Complexed, Beautiful And Perfect 4. Must Have Been Designed 5. Designed By A Designer
6. Only A Powerful Being Could Have Designed It 7. Therefore, God Exists. He Is Powerful Enough Causation Something That Causes Something To Happen
How Does Causation Lead To Belief In God? .If We Look At The Things In The World, We See There Is A cause For Everything Ice - Water .Anything That Exists Must Have A Cause, Because You Cannot Cause Yourself .Same With Universe, If The Universe Exists, There Must Have Been A First Cause
.The Only Powerful Being, That Could Have Caused The World Is God. Therefor God Must Exist Evil And Suffering Omnipotent: All Powerful Omniscient:All Knowing Omni benevolent: All Good/Loving
Evil And Suffering Proves That Allah Does Not Exist? AGREE Omnipotent- He Would Have Power To Stop It Omni benevolent- Allah Loves He Should Stop it Suffering hurts Innocent People, So Allah Does Not Exist
DISAGREE Everything Happens For A Reason, Allah Is Omniscient Life Is A Test , Evil&Suffering Is Part Of the Test Humans Misuse Their Trust, And Free Will Quranic Ayah-Evil And Suffering "And We shall Certainly Test You, With Fear, Hunger, Lose Of Property, Lives And Fruits."
The Media Helps People To Believe in Allah? AGREE .Nature Documentaries .Media Spread The Message Of Allah/Islam .Miracles on The News Leads To Belief In Allah Media Connect The UMMAH, Opportunity To Help
DISAGREE .Media Can Be Biased .Explain Things In The Incorrect Way .War Footage, Natural Disaster, Lead To People Not Believing in God .Cannot Help People the Same Way A Physical Being Can One Film That Discuss Belief In God? [Bruce Al-Mighty]
Support Belief .Helps People To Understand Ways Why Allah Doesn't Answer Prayers 1) Selfish Prayers 2)Not According To Allah's Plan. .Show God Contacts the Humans When They Need Help Deter Belief .Comedy, Made Purely For Entertainment Purposes .Portrays God In Human Form .It Is Not True
There Should Be No News Censorship, Tv, And Newspapers Should Show Things Exactly As They Are? Support Belief .Everyone Should Be Informed, On Natural Disasters .Miracles, May Help People To Believe In God .If An Atheist, Sees Something Emotional, Such As A Conversation Experience They May Believe in God
Deter Belief .Crimes Such As Murder May Confuse Someone About Free-will .Natural Disasters May Cause Question About god .Somethings Are Not Suitable For ChildrenUnit Unit 4.2 Matters Of Life And Death
Is It Impossible To Believe In Life After Death? AGREE .No Scientific Evidence .No Physical Evidence .Richard Dawins-Atheist Says Life After death Is Superstition .People Have Travelled to Space and No one Has Discovered Hell Or Heaven .Made Up To Help People Deal With Death
DISAGREE .1 Of The 6 Articles Of Faith .Gives Meaning And Purpose to Life .Mentioned In The Quran "Master Of The Day Of Judgement" .Mentioned In Hadith Why Non-Religious People Believe In Life After Death?
Mediums:People Who Claim To Have Contact To The Dead Ghost:Lingering Spirits Reincarnation:The Belief That After death Souls Are Reborn ABORTION PROLIFE/YOUR CHOICE .Personal Matter, For Individuals To Decide .Mothers Life Is At Risk .Back Street Abortion Will Return If Law Forbids Abortion
PRO LIFE/AGAINST ABORTION .Life Is A Gift, Rejecting God Gift .Abortion Is Murder, Life Starts At Conception .Children Are A Blessing And Should Be Cherished Euthanasia
MOST Muslims Are AGAINST Euthanasia. .Allah Created Humans, So He Has The Power To Take Their Life Away .Its Cheating Thee Test .Could Be Used For Evil Purposes .Quran Has Banned Suicide SOME Muslims ALLOW Euthanasia .Muslim Scholars Have Agreed To Turn Of The Life Support Machine, As Life Has Altready Ended
The Quran Says: "Do Not Throw Yourself With Your Own Hands Into Destruction" Explain Why Muslims Help People in Need?
.Allah Has Created Us All Equal .Rights Of The Ummah .Muslims Are Encouraged To Give More Charity, Apart From Zakah .Care And Comapssion, Is Part Of Showng Ones Love for Allah Explain What/How One Mulsim Agency Is Trying To End Wold Poverty?
.Work With Local People To Teach Them Skills .Develop Programs That To Empower Women By Educating Them .Join Other Agencies to Provide Emergency Relief .Collet Money through Zakat Do You think Natural Disasters Are The Main Cause Of Word Poverty?
AGREE .Tsunami Devastate The Infrastructure Of Society .Famines Wipe Out An Entire Race .Earthquakes Can Make An Area Inhabitable DISAGREE .Debt Is A Bigger Cause Of World Poverty .War Can Take Away Peoples Livelihoods .Natural Disasters Often Trigger Support Fromm The Rest Of The World
Do you Think War Is The Main Cause Of World Poverty? AGREE .War Destabilises economies .War Creates Refugees .War Destroys Infrastructure
DISAGREE .Natural Disaster Causes Poverty .Debt Cause Poverty .Lack Of Education Causes Poverty You Cannot Be Wealthy And really Religious?
AGREE .Muslim Teaching On Sadaqah .Muslim Teaching On Riba And Helping The Poor DISAGREE .Muslims Teaching On Wealth .The Idea That Without Wealth There Would Be No Money To Help The Poor . The Example Of Religious Muslims Who Are Wealthy
ANSWERS >Interfaith Networks In The Uk >Celebration Of Festivals-Show Respect&Unity >Muslim Council,Encourages Muslims To Take Part In Society UNIT 4.4 COMMUNITY COHESION
Explain How The Roles Of Women And Attitude Has Changed Over The Years? ANSWERS .Get jobs, Paid Fairly .Role Swop Over,Men at Home Women Work .Women Educated .Women Voting
Why Has There Been A Change In Attitude Towards Womens? ANSWERS .The Suffragists Helped With The Votes For Women .Women Make Weapons For The Men During the War .During War Women Worked For The Men
Traditional Attitudes Towards Women And Men MEN .Men More Superior Than Women .Men Better Leaders .Only Men Can Be Imaams .Quran States That Men Should Support Women As They Are Strong
WOMEN .Women Took Care Of The Household&Children .Women And Men Should Be Separate .Not Allowed To Work,Be Educated .Designed To Give Birth Modern Attitudes Towards Men And Women?
MEN&WOMEN .Equal In The Eyes Of Allah .Women Can have Jobs, But Priority Are Children .Women Can Go To Mosque/But Still Separate Roles Of Women And Men
MEN .Provide For The Children WOMEN .Look After Children Look After Wealth Religious Practices
MEN .Pray Eid Salaah .Khutbah On Friday WOMEN .No Eid Salaah What Are The Benefits Of Living In A Multi-Ethnic Society?
.New/Variety of Food .Different Festivals .Understand Cultures .Trade .Media .Music .Racial Tolerance What Are The Problems Of Living In A Multi-Ethnic Society?
.Racism .Discrimination-Dress,Language .Riots,Bullying Prejudice LONG TERM PROBLEMS .Racially Prejudice Employers .Prejudice Land Lords Teachers Prejudice Police Against Some Ethnicities
Do You Think People Benefit From Living In A Multi-Ethnic Society? AGREE .Become Tolerant .Understand Other cultures .New Food .Influence Dress Sence
Community Cohesion Means Sharing 4 Different things? .A Common Sense Of Belonging .Appreciate And Valuing The Difference .Ensuring Equal Opportunities For All The Community .Making Strong And Positive Relationships With People Of Different Races
How The Government Promote Community Cohesion? . Passed The Race Relation Act .Racial And Religion Hatred Act .Appointing People From Different Ethnic Minorities To Work In Government .The Education And Inspection Act 2006 .Pay For Research On Community Cohesion
Explain Why The Government Encourages Community Cohesion? >Government Ensure All People Are Treaty Equally >Without Com.Cohesion There Would Be Conflict And Diversion >Government Did't Act Would Cause Social Discrimination >Government Work With Different Pressure Groups
HOW Do Muslims Help Asylum Seekers? .Advice .Support .Counselling .Youth Activities .English Classes .Health Activities For Women
WHY Do Muslims Help Asylum Seekers? >Please Allah When We Help SomeOne >Muslims Give Zakat The Quran Says: "How Can You Call Yourself A Believer, While your Brother Goes Hungry?
The Belief In TAWHID, Is Shown In All Five Pillars. They Also Promote Racial Harmony. How? Shahadah- Everyone Says The Same Words In Arabic Salaah- Pray The Same Way. -Similar Actions -Same Words
Sawm- Fast At The Same time -Same Month Zakat- Rich Give To The Poor - Every one Is Equal Hajj-Wear Same Piece Of Cloth Hajj At the Same time Benefits Of Living In A Multi-Faith Society?
.Understand Religions Better .Tolerate .Inter Faith Marriages .Convert To Other Religions Explain Why There Are Different, Muslim Attitudes Towards Other Religions?
.Some Muslims Believe In religious Pluralism- Accept All Religions Have A Right To Exist .Followers Of Religions Considered POLYTHEISTIC[More Than 1 God] Are Guilty Of Shirk .Quran States That "There Is No Compulsion In Religion" .Quran Talks AboutOther Prophets Being Sent To Different People At different Times .Muslims Will Live And Tolerate The Jews And The Christians . 'People of The Book' -Part Truth
Allah Revealed To Muhammad[s.a.w] "This Day I Have Perfected Your Religion"And All Other People E.G Abraham,Jesus.So Their Followers Need To Convert To Islam. Multi-Faith Society ISSUES
>Conversion-There Can Be Issues Where One Group Of Religious Believers Try To Convert Others To Their Faith-Cause Conflict >Interfaith Marriages-Two People From Different Religions get Married-Conflict With Different Beliefs&Values >Raising Children-Both Parents Want Their Child Raised Within their Own Faith- Mixture Of Both Faiths Can Cause Confusion
Different Faiths Living Together. They Need To: >Respect Differences >Listen To Each Other >Live&Work In Unity >Recognise The Common Features Between Faiths How Can Religions Help Community Cohesion?
Different Muslim Attitudes To Abortion? MOST Muslims Believe Abortion Is Wrong >Life Begins At Conception&Is A Gift >Allah Has Plans For Everyone, We Shouldn't Interfere >Life Is A Gifts, So Only Allah Can Take it Away >Quran:'Don't Slay Your Children'
SOME Muslims Generally Oppose Abortion But Allow In Certain Circumstances >Mothers Life Is At Risk-Lesser Of Two Evils >Must Before120 Days OTHER Muslims Allow Abortion >If The Child Is Going To Have A Disease Which Will Cause Suffering >Befor 120 Days
The Laws On Euthanasia Should Be Changed? FOR >Get Rid Of People Who Are No Longer Useful >Lessens The Pain Of The Patient >Life of Pain And Suffering Can Be As Bad As Dying >We Should Be Able To Choose How We Dye
AGAINST >Unnecessary When There Are Pain Killers >No Better Than Murder >It Could Be Abuses >Not Fair To Expect Doctors To Kill Patients What Causes Poverty?
>Wars >Natural Disasters >Un Fair Trade >Debt >AIDS/HIV
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