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Question Answer
Aerial Antenna
Articulated lorry Tractor-trailer
Bonnet Hood
Boot Trunk
Car park Parking lot
Cats eyes Reflectors
Central reservation Median
Demister Defroster Defogger
Dipped lights Low beams
Diversion Detour
Drink-driving Drunk driving
Driving license Driver's license
Dual carriageway Divided highway
Dumper truck Dump truck
Estate car Station wagon
Flat battery Dead battery
Flyover Overpass
Gear box Transmission
Gear lever Gear shift
Give way Yield
Glove box Glove compartment
Hire car Rental car
Indicators Turn signals
Jump leads Jumper cables
Lorry Truck
Main beams High beams
Metalled road Paved road
Motorway Freeway Expressway Interstate
Number plate License plate
Petrol Gasoline Gas
Propeller Shaft Drive shaft
Recovery Towing
Ring road Orbital Beltway
Roundabout Circle Rotary
Saloon Car Sedan
Silencer Muffler
Slip road Entrance/exit ramp
Straight (section of road) Straightaway
Top up Fill up Top off
Transmission Power train
Tyre Tire
Unmade road Dirt road Unpaved road
Verge Shoulder
Windscreen Windshield
Window heater Defroster Defogger
Wing Fender
Wing mirror Side mirror Side-view mirror
Zebra crossing Crosswalk
Aubergine Eggplant
Biscuit Cookie
Candy floss Cotton candy
Chips French fries
Conserves Preserves
Cornflour Cornstarch
Courgettes Zucchini Zucchini squash
Crisps Potato chips
Fish fingers Fish sticks
Jacket potato Baked potato
Jam Jelly
Jelly Jello
Mince Ground meat Hamburger
Porridge Oatmeal
Pudding Dessert
Rocket Arugula
Sweet Dessert
Tinned Canned
Aerial Antenna
Aluminium Aluminum
Antenatal Prenatal
Anticlockwise Counterclockwise
At hand To hand
Autumn Fall
Baggage reclaim Baggage claim
Bicentenary Bicentennial
Bill Check
Bin liner Trash bag
Bookings Reservations
Botanic garden Botanical garden
Braces Suspenders
Cashback Rebate Cash back
Charity Non-profit organization Not-for-profit
Cheap Inexpensive
Chemists Pharmacy Drug store
Cinema Movie theater Theater
"Clued up" "Clued in"
Coach Bus
Coach (railway) Car (railroad)
"Come to that" "For that matter"
Cot Crib
Cutlery Silverware
Cuttings Clippings
Despatch Shipping
DIY Do it yourself
Dodgy Tricky Chancy
Downmarket Downscale
Dummy Pacifier
Dustbin Trash can
Engaged (telephone) Busy
Fee (for schooling) Tuition
Fit (verb) Equip Fit out
Fittings Fixtures
Fix (verb - as in "fix" a date) Set
Flat Apartment
Football Soccer
Freephone Toll-free
Freepost Business reply mail (no stamp needed)
Frock Dress (noun)
Full stop (punctuation) Period
Gents (toilet) Men's room
Headmaster Principal
Hide (birds) Blind
Hire (hire a car) Rent (rent a car)
Hob Stove Stovetop
Holiday Vacation
Homely Homey
Hoover (noun and verb) Vacuum cleaner (noun) Vacuum (verb)
Ill Sick
"In future" "From now on"
In hospital In the hospital
"Join the train" "Get on the train"
Jumper Sweater
Licence License (noun)
License License (verb)
Lie in Sleep in
Lift Elevator
Laundrette Laundromat
Lorry Truck
Marquee Tent
Maths Math
Mobile (phone) Cell (phone)
Momentarilly In a short time
Mum Mom
Nappies Diapers
Nil Nothing Zero
Note (currency) Bill (currency)
On stream On line
Open day Open house
Pitch (for playing sports) Field (for playing sports)
Polo neck Roll neck Turtle neck
Post Mail
Pram Baby carriage
Push chair Stroller
Queue Line
Railway Railroad
Read Study
Redundancy Layoff
Removal (van) Moving (van)
Reserved to Reserved for
Return (travel) Round trip
Reverse charge call Collect call
Rise (salary) Raise (salary)
Rubber Eraser
Rubbish bin Trash can
Rucksack Backpack
Sack (from employment) Fire
Secateurs Pruners Clippers
Shoddy Cheap
Shopping trolley Shopping cart
Sport Sports
Solicitor Lawyer Attorney
"Sorry" "Excuse me" "Pardon me"
Spanner Wrench
Stand (for election) Run (for election)
Starters Appetizers
Straight away Right away
Suspenders Garter
Swear word Curse word
Subway Underpass
Tap Faucet
Tariffs Rates Prices
Tarmac Asphalt
Tea towel Dish towel Dish cloth
Telephone box Telephone booth
Tender (noun or verb) Bid
To hand At hand
To trade By trade
Toilet Restroom
Torch Flashlight
Trainers Sneakers
Treble Triple
Transport (noun) Transportation
Trousers Pants
Trolley Cart
Tube Subway
Tucked up (bed) Tucked in
Tuition for (as in "tuition for the flute") Study of
Underground (travel) Subway
Upmarket Upscale
Valve Vacuum tube
Vest Undershirt
Walking frame Walker
Washing up Doing the dishes
Waistcoat Vest
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