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What is Avogadro's number and what is it used for? 6.02214 X 10^23. it stands for the number of atoms of a substance in one mole of the substance. it is used to convert atoms to grams by multiplying the number of atoms by it.
What is precision? all the results are close but they may not be correct
What is accuracy? the results are both correct and precise
how do you calculate the mass of an isotope if you are given the percent abundance and amu mass of the second isotope as well as the total amu mass? firstminus the abundance of the second isotope from 100. this gives you the percent abundance of the isotope. the total amu is a result of both the amu mass of the isotopes multipled by there percents and then added together. write out this equation and solve for X. you will get the amu mass of the isotope
how do you calculate the number a atoms in a pure sample if you are give the radius of the sphere, and its density? first solve for volume using 4/3pie r^3. then solve for mass which is density X volume. find the moles from mass divided by molar mass. multiply the moles by Avogadro's number to get the amount of atoms
how do you calculate the percent abundance for two isotopes when given there amu mass? let x equal the percent of one isotope and let y equal the other. because the percents will add up to 100 the value of y can be written as 100-x percent or 1-x. the total amu mass is the prodcut of the isotope amu s mutiplied by there abundance. write this equation with x and 1-x in the place of the percent abundances. solve for x and times by 100 for the first percent. minus that value from 100 to get the abundance of the second isotope
AX2 VESPR linear structure with 180 degree angles
AX3 VESPR Trigonal Pyramidal shape with 120 degree angles
AX4 VESPR tetrahedral shape with 109.5 degree angles
AX5 VESPR Trigonal Bipyramidal shape with 180 and 90 degree angles
AX6 VESPR Octahedral structure with 180, and 90 degree angles
AX2E VESPR bent shape with 119 and 120.5 degree angles
AX3E VESPR Trigonal Pyramidal structure with <109.5 degree angles
AX2E2 VESPR bent structure with 104.5 degree angles
AX4E VESPR distorted seesaw shape with >90 degree angles
AX3E2 VESPR T shape with 90 degree angles
AX2E3 linear shape with 90 degree 90 degree angles
AX5E VESPR Square Pyramidal shape with 86 degree angles
AX4E2 VESPR Square Planar Shape with 90 degree angles
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