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Only antibiotics review from immunity

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Difference between bacteriocidal and bacteriostatic antibiotics? Bacteriocidal: antibiotics kill bacteria Bacteriostatic: prevent bacteria growing
Name two processes in a bacterial cell that antibiotics can inhibit 1) Enzymes: needed to make chemical bonds in bacterial cell walls. prevents bacteria from growing properly 2) inhibit protein synthesis: by binding to bacterial ribosomes. all enzymes are proteins; no proteins = can't make enzymes
What is a hospital acquired infection? Infections caught while patient is treated in a hospital. Patients more likely to get ill as they have weakened immune systems + around other sick people.
How is an agar plate prepared properly? (4 marks) 1) Bacteria spread evenly on agar plate 2) paper discs soaked w/ antibiotics placed apart on plate. control soaked in sterile water. 3) experiment conducted w/ aseptic techniques e.g. bunsen burner used to sterilise instruments 4) plate incubated at 25-30 degrees for 24-36 hours
How do you know which antibiotic is the most effective? (2 marks) 1) Always name the antibiotic 2) It has the largest inhibition zone
How can poor hygiene cause HAI? 1)hospital staff + visitors not washing hands before visiting patient 2) coughs + sneezes not contained 3) equipment + surfaces not disinfected
What are codes of practice designed to prevent HAI? 1) Hospital staff + visitors encouraged to wash hands 2) people with HAI moved to isolated wards - less likely to transmit infection to other patients 3) equipment + surfaces to be disinfected after use
Codes of practice to prevent + control HAI caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria 1) Doctors not prescribe antib. for minor bacterial or viral infections 2) Not prescribe to prevent infections 3) should use narrow-spectrum antib. (only affect specific bacterium) 4) should rotate use of different bacteria 5) patients should take all antib. prescribed so infections fully cleared
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