Acids and Bases

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Definition for "Bronsted-Lowry Acid" Proton/ H+ donor
Definition of "Bronsted-Lowry Base" Proton/ H+ acceptor
What are "conjugate acid-base pairs"? An acid loses a proton to form a base. This base is known as a "conjugate base". A base gains a proton to form an acid. This acid is known as a "conjugate acid".
Definition of a "strong acid" A strong acid completely dissociates in solution
Definition of a "weak acid" A weak acid partially dissociates in solution
How do you calculate pH? pH = -log [H+] where [H+] is concentration of hydrogen ions
How do you find [H+] if you know pH? [H+] = 10^-pH
What is the expression for "Ionic Product of Water", Kw? Kw = [H+(aq)] [OH-(aq)]
What is the value of Kw at 25C? 1x10^-14 mol^2dm^-6
What is the expression for weak acids dissociation? Ka = [H+(aq)][A-] / [HA(aq)]
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