Geography case study - Fold Mountains

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Alps case study

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- Where? - When? - Highest Point? - Which plates? - Population? - Central europe (France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria) - Created 30 million years ago - 4810m Mont Blanc, french-italian border - African and Eurasian plates - Population of 12 million people
Farming? - Steep slopes are used to graze animals (goats are used for milk, wool, cheese and meat) - Sunny slopes are terraced and used for vineyards (e.g. Lavaux, Switzerland)
Mining? - Produces salt, iron, gold, silver and copper - Mines are now closed as it is now cheaper to import the materials
Hydro-electric power - Dams are made in narrow valleys - Produced for local use - Switzerland gets 60% of its electricity from dams (e.g. Berne, Switzerland)
Forestry? - Scots pine is planted because it is very resilient - Trees are logged and sold to make furniture
Tourism? - 100 million tourists per year - 70% go for winter sports and 30% for summer sports - New towns are built to accommodate for the tourist population
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