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39545665-b0f7-4045-a39c-86ad2408773c.png (image/png) Superman is an immigrant because he is here to stay. He is also an alien because he is not a citizen. He is undocumented because he did not enter legally.
What are the steps of naturalization? -Enter Legally -Wait 5 years ( or 3) -File petition -Take exam -Final hearing
What is the only thing a natural born citizen can do that a naturalized cannot? Be the President
What is this region why does it matter? 96105808-38a4-4453-a4e2-ecd2a7835fd7.jpeg (image/jpeg) The Sunbelt This area has seen the most growth in recent decades.
ad189607-42c1-4c35-bba3-fa29a727c9e8.jpg (image/jpg) This is a rural area, lightly populated.
408717a4-2114-40bc-a029-6e72c9598203.jpg (image/jpg) ET is an alien because he is not a citizen. He is undocumented. He is NOT an immigrant because he is not staying.
What could get an alien denied legal admittance into the US? Any of the following: no job skills, can't read, criminal record, not healthy. here to cause unrest.
What is Civics? The study of what it means to be a citizen. ( note it does not necessarily mean the study of government but we do talk about that a lot)
What are some things an alien must prove to naturalize? - job skills -literacy - basic knowledge of Civics
What are two ways to be born a citizen? - have one parent be a citizen (rule of blood) - be born in any US territory
What are baby boomers why will this matter in the future? 04cbbf85-4bb5-4f07-929e-ce571546fae3.jpg (image/jpg) Baby boomers are people born in an age of large families that ranged in the 1950s. Now that they are older this will cause a burden on the health care system, retirements, and other services for the elderly.
What is a quota? 19ad1a9c-6dcf-4d7a-8115-10ebc7e9716b.jpg (image/jpg) A limited number. In this cartoon it is discussing our current system of having a quota for immigrants.
How could this guy have dual citizenship? 00fa0173-410d-423f-ba7c-0ab2e112e0b2.jpg (image/jpg) Ted Cruz has multiple citizenships because his parents have blood from two different countries. (Cuba and America) also he was born in Canada therefore he would by birth have triple citizenship.
What does ALIEN mean? That you are in a country but not a citizen of that country. ( It does not mean SHORT TERM, it does not mean ILLEGAL)
Why does Civics matter? Because we are a democracy Our citizens have to participate We need to know our rights to have our rights Many other reasons
What are actions a responsible citizen should take? There are many but a few include: follow the law vote serve on a jury fight to reform laws
What is the Census? 6bdf20aa-4e67-45d8-a3a1-a5c36af3f097.jpeg (image/jpeg) An official count of US population that occurs every ten years. THe last Census was in 2010.
What is this region? Why does it matter to the US? 72e03209-5910-4a4e-890f-806b05873051.png (image/png) This is a made up region called- Latin America It includes Mexico (part North America) with Central America and South This is where most immigrants to the US come from
What is a refugee? b964a272-5303-4136-adcd-6aa6dc62331b.jpg (image/jpg) Someone who is fleeing hardship in their own country.
What is the map above. Where would you expect to see growth from 2000-2010? 308bcbe4-cd67-454b-b369-ab365e3c888c.jpg (image/jpg) This is the Chicago metropolitan area. You would expect to see growth in the area surrounding the city, not so much in the urban area (the city itself) or the rural areas outside the metropolitan.
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