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What is the opposite/complement of A? What is the notation for this? A' P(A')= 1 - P(A)
Notation for probability of A and B occuring P(A N B)= P(A) X P(B) AND MEANS MULTIPLY E.g. P(R W)= P(R) X P(W)
Notation for either A or B occuring P(A U B)= P(A) + P(B) OR STANDS FOR ADD
What are mutually exclusive events? two events that are mutually exclusive if the event of one happening excludes the other from happening. Basically they cannot happen at the same time. NOTATION P(A U B)
What are non-mutually exclusive events? the probability of A or B occurring is the probability of A add the probability of B minus probability that they both occur. NOTATION P(A U B)= P(A) + P(B) - P(A N B) This is, for example, because yo can have Ace of Spades or a Jack of Hearts
What are inderpendent events? two events are independent if they occurrence of one happening doesn't affect the occurrence of the other NOTATION P(A N B)
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