Maths Probability

Will Thorpe
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Will Thorpe
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Higher Maths Mind Map on Maths Probability, created by Will Thorpe on 01/17/2016.

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Maths Probability
  1. 1: Combined Events
    1. P(AUB)= A or B. P(ANB) = A and B
      1. 2: Mutually Exclusive Events
        1. When A and B do not interact
          1. 3: Exhaustive Events
            1. Include all possible values in the sample space
              1. 4: Complimentary Events
                1. A and A' are both mutually exclusive and exhaustive
                  1. 5: Conditional Events
                    1. A given B is the probability of A and B over B
                      1. 6: Independent Events
                        1. P(ANB)=P(A)P(B)
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