Cree Language Conversation Words 01

Charles Lahaie
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Based on the Neyinawewina booklet (Cree Sayings: A Survival Booklet) by Helen Armstrong and Denalda Sinclair, January 2015 (MFNERC) and Sharon Pranteau's Cree language book.

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Tanisi or Tansi Hello!
Tan(i)si iseyayan? How are you doing?
Moch nantaw or Mona nantaw Fine or nothing Fine, hello!
Kina maka? or Kena maka? And you? Et toi?
Kinanaskomitin Thank you!
Ekosi That's all! (Thank you!)
Ketom kikawapamitin! I'll see you later! I'll see you again!
Tan(i)si isikesikak? How's it going? How's the day?
Mino kisikaw Machi kisikaw It's a nice day. It's not a good day.
Nikwaskwan Kimiwan Notin Kisastaw Mispon It's cloudy. It's raining. It's windy. It's hot. It's snowing.
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