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Mao's attitude towards women - Rebelled against his own arranged marriage - Heard of incident in which bride cuts her throat in front of wedding guests in protest at her arranged marriage - Very few significant government figures were women - 'Women hold up half the sky'
Land reform impacts on women - Women gain property rights
Communist Party mantra on women "Men and women are equal; everyone is worth his (or her) salt."
Communist propaganda about women - Featured strong, working women serving the nation
Impacts of cultural revolution on family - Breaks down family relationships for young people - Respect for elders destroyed - Surrogate family, the CCP, cuts the Red Guards off with the 'up to the mountains, down to the villages' campaign
New Democratic Youth League members by 1953 9 million
Communist Youth League replaced NDYL 1957
Women's Federation numbers - 7.6 million members
Life expectancy across period 9d353e60-0e55-48fd-ada1-42573a28e359.jpg (image/jpg)
Mao's initial aims after taking power - consolidate party rule - stabilise the economy
number of Households in APCs from 1955-1956 17 million to 75 million - up to 63% of population
Mao quote about use of force 'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun'
Struggle meetings Used in crackdowns such as Hundred Flowers, Land reform, Cultural Revolution - forced people to confess infront of audience
PLA numbers in 1950 5 million (strong)
Number of Chinese soldiers committed to Korean War 2.3 million (66%)
Mao retreats from limelight 1962 Deng Xiaoping & Liu Shaoqi step in to take control, embrace some capitalism 'It does not matter what colour the cat is, as long as it catches mice'
Mao publicly returns 1966 - swims Yangtze river at age 73
Cult of Mao 1960s, while Mao absent
Mao's Little Red Book 1964 - given to PLA, later becomes secular bible used to settle disputes, 350 million copies distrubuted
Diary of Lei Feng 1963 - diary of PLA truck driver describing his patriotic exploits, eventually killed by lorry - probably fictional
Wu Han affair - 1961-65 play by Wu Han featuring brave official standing up to cruel emperor - thought to be allegory of Peng Duhai's criticism of Mao during Great Leap Forward - Lin Biao used this as excuse to crack down on suspected critics of Mao
'January revolution' 1967 - militant urban workers overthrow local CCP officials and set-up peoples' commune - taking cultural revolution too far
Local CCP response to threat of purging during CR - set up revolutionary committees with other cities, comprising red guards, PLA members, CCP officials
9th Party Congress 1969 - Cultural revolution declared over and a great success - Liu Shaoqi official removed
PLA dominance following CR - 86% of provincial 1st secretaries - 66% of 'contrast???' - 50% of politburo - 45% of central comittee
Political consequences of CR Mao removed many opponents - perhaps this was the intention, perhaps just bonus, and returned to limelight - many old leaders replaced
Decrease in PLA numbers 1950-57 1950 - 5 million 1953 - 3.5 million 1957 - 2.5 million
yellow river water level down 1950s 2/3rds 66% of land affected
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