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What Effect does smoking have on the lungs, and how does this contribute to emphysema? Smoking deposits tar on the lungs, which damages the cross alveolar layer and the elastic tissue in the lungs, causing emphysema.
What effects does a loss of elasticity in the lungs due to emphysema have on rate of respiration? Rate of respiration is reduced as the elastic tissue cannot recoil therefore remains permanently stretched, resulting in less air leaving the lungs, reducing the diffusion gradient therefore less oxygen reaches the tissues for respiration.
What effects does the breakdown of alveolar cross walls/fluid deposits in alveoli have on rate of respiration? In both cases, surface area for diffusion is reduced, resulting in a lower rate of diffusion across the alveolar membrane, resulting in a reduced rate of respiration.
What factors contribute to emphysema? Smoking, Occupation (exposure to irritants eg. dust)