Vocabulary 2nd Semester

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English vocab. for the second semester

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deleterious (adj) harmful, destructive, detrimental
demagogue (n) leader, rabble-rouser. usually appealing to emotion or prejudice
digression (n) the act of turning aside, straying from the main point, especially in a speech or argument.
diligent (adj) careful and hard-working
discredit (v) to harm the reputation of, dishonor or disgrace
disdain (v) to regard with scorn or contempt
divergent (adj) separating, moving in different directions from a particular point
empathy (n) identification with the feeling of others
emulate (v) to imitate, follow an example
envervating (adj) weakening, tiring
Berate scold; criticize
Conventional usual; customary; common
Endorse give support or approval to
Gustatory concerned with the sense of taste
Judicious correct in judgment; wise
Notoriety infamy; known for wrong doing
Pivotal of central importance
Regale entertain
Sycophant bootlicker; flatterer
Zeal enthusiasm
vociferous conspicuously and offensively loud
solicitous full of anxiety and concern
proclivity a natural inclination
plethora extreme excess
neophyte any new participant in some activity
knell the sound of a bell slowly to announce a death
irreverence a mental attitude showing lack of due respect
foil hinder or prevent, as an effort, plan, or desire.
extol praise, glorify, or honor
epistolary written in the form of letters or correspondence
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