Accidental Needlestick Procedure

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The steps to follow if you are accidentally stuck with a used needle

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First Step Don't Panic
Second Step (after don't panic, before induce bleeding) Ask patient to stay
Third step (after asking patient to stay, before washing stick area) Squeeze affected area to induce bleeding
Fourth Step (after induce bleeding, before clean with alcohol and iodine) Wash affected area thoroughly with soap and water)
Fifth step (before and after washing area with soap and water) Clean affected area with alcohol and iodine (if available)
Sixth step (after cleaning with alcohol and before asking someone to finish with the patient) Wash affected area again as well as hands (if not affected area)
Seventh step (after washing affected area again and before notifying your supervisor) Find someone else to finish up with the patient as well as draw additional blood from patient for testing)
Eight step (after asking someone to finish up with the patient and before reporting to health care facility) Notify your supervisor
Last Step (after notifying the supervisor) Report to the designated employee health clinic or emergency room
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