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Archive Policy that involves moving data that is longer in active use to a different location
Backup Policy that involves duplicating data for storage elsewhere, in case the original data is lost
Bandwidth The amount of data that can be transferred from one point to another in given time period
Bridge Device that connects different network segments and media
Bus Topology in which individual computers connect to one shared communications cable
Client Software or hardware that requests services from a server
Compression The process of reducing the physical size of files, normally for use online
DNS Server Computer within ans ISP network responsible for matching up host names to IP addresses
Encryption The purpose of scrambling data so it can be sent securely over network
Failover Process of automatically switching to a standby computer or network during system downtime
Gif Common internet file format used to display animated images
HTML The main markup language used for displaying web pages in a browser
HTTP Important data transfer protocol used on the World Wide Web - precedes URL addresses
Hub A device for connecting multiple network devices in one segment
Hyperlink An item on a web page that directs the user to another pages when clicked
Internet A worldwide collection of computer networks
IP Address Unique number assigned to every computer or device connected to the internet
Mac Address A unique number permanently assigned to every physical interface on a computer network
Modem Device which converts between digital and analogue signals, e.g. telephone line to computer
MPEG Family of file standards used to store compressed video
Network Interface Card Circuit board installed into a computer to allow it to connect to networks
Packet Formatted unit of data sent across networks
PDF File format designed for cross-platform document creation and distribution
Peer To Peer Network type in which every computer can act as a client or server, with no central servers
Protocol The term given to standards that control the communication of network devices
Ring Topology in which messages travel in one direction though a chain of computers
Router Device that forwards data packets to the appropriate parts of a computer network
Server Software that provides services to a client, or the hardware that is running it
Star Topology that features a central connection point called a 'hub'
Switch Device that connects multiple network devices and multiple segments
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