UNIT 1: Diversity of Living Things

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Diversity of Living Things exam questions

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Define Species - population whose members can breed freely in nature & produce fertile offspring
Define Taxonomy - science of naming, identifying and classifying species
Define Phylogeny - the evolutionary development and history of a species or group of organisms
What are the 7 levels of classification? - 1. species, 2. genus, 3. family, 4. order, 5. class, 6. phylum, 7. kingdom
What is a clade? - group of organisms that consists of a common ancestor & all its lineal descendants & represents a single "branch" of the "tree of life"
Explain how a scientific name is written using binomial nomenclature - two part latin name, 1st part is the genus to which the species belongs, second part of the name is one species within the genus
Dichotomous Key - tool used to identify organisms with unfamiliar characteristic, series of questions with 2 possible answers that eventually leads to the identification of the organism
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