Cold War

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When was the Yalta Conference? February 1945
When was the Potsdam Conference? July - August 1945
When was the Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima? 6th August 1945
When did Churchill give the 'Iron Curtain' speech at Fulton, Missouri? 5th March 1946
When was the Truman Doctrine launched? 1947 March
When was the Marshall plan established? June 1947
What happened in February 1948? Communist Coup in Czechoslovakia
When did the Berlin Blockade begin? June 1948
When was NATO established? April 1949
When did the Berlin Blockade end? May 1949
When did the big three first meet together? Teheran in November 1943.
What did they discuss at Tehran conference? Issues concerning Poland, opening the second front
To what extent had relations between the super powers broken down by the end of 1944? The seeds of the Cold War were in place. Nazi Germany started to create a power vacuum in Europe which led to both countries drawn to protect their own interests. Tensions were kept at a minimum because neither country took on a world role in the period before 1941.
When was the Bolshevik Revolution? 1917
Why had Stalin not wanted to meet Roosevelt and Churchill until 1943? Stalin did not want to commit himself to the specifics until the German summer offensive at Kursk had been dealt with
Why was Teheran chosen as the place to hold the conference? Location was neutral for US, UK and Russia to meet and also there were involvements of Egypt and China so was a good logistic point
When did Stalin die? 5th March 1953
When did the Korean war start? 25th June 1950
What was the effect of WW2 ? The war had resulted in the defeat of Nazi Germany . Germany had conquered most of the continent of Europe. The defeat left large areas of Europe without any meaningful government.
What was the effect of WW2 economically? Left much of Europe economically devastated. The industrial heart of Europe had been laid waste and over 16 million people were left homeless.
How did the USA emerge from the war as a superpower ? It produced over 50% of the worlds manufacturing output, owned a navy as big as the rest of the world's navies put together and was in sole possession of the atomic bomb.
What state was the USSR In after the Cold war? State of economic hardship 1945 Red Army of over 11 million troops occupied most of Eastern Europe: it was in a position to enforce its will on large parts of the continent
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