Organised Crime

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His1m Organised crime AS Level History

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Glamorization of organised crime Crime was seen as glamorous and appealing by holly wood which encouraged people to do it. Popular culture glamorised bootleggers which encouraged people to want to become gangsters. Moonshiners in rural areas were folk heroes
Al Capone Businessman. Arrested for 3 murders. Feared in Chicago. Made sure speakeasies gave their product a fair deal with competition. Did anything for respect. Earned $70 million annually. Involved in 2000 gang related killings.
Increase in crime and advanced technology Technology was key in organised crime because it allowed it to run more smoothly. Increased brewing tech allowed gangs to set up their own private home breweries in order to make illegal alcohol with no gov intervention. Also allowed to keep track on law enforcement officers attempting to cracking down on organised crime. Improvement in road transport and availability of motor car helped criminals import and transport alcohol. Drag racing developed as criminals developed him performance cars to evade law enforcement
Importance of organised crime Led to increase in violence in Chicago - St. Valentines day massacre caused general unease and fear. Increase in amount of illicit liquor and drugs- social problems arose at home. Increase in racism against Italians who were most associated. More ordinary people breaking law to drink and have a good time - showed instability of society. Cynicism about law enforcement and justice grew.
Non Importance of Organised Crime Sections of society untouched- Baptists in South- little change in society. Society suffering from 'perils of prosperity'-loosening of moral standards. Limited gangsters by FBI- hence effect on society. Little effect on those who made their own narcotics and liquor. Immigrant culture affected society leading to gangs of different nationalities. Prosperity/boom had an effective on society. KKK caused fear in society. Entertainment industry- greater influence - people copying heroes.
Corruption Many police and politicians were corrupt. Chief of police in leavensworth charged for violating Volstead Act. County attorney and sheriff of Wight a were bought off. Big Bill Thompson- political allies stolen nearly $1 million from school funds. Harry Daughtery , attorney general, accepted bribes
St Valentines Day Massacre 10:30 14th Feb 1929, 6 members Bugs Moran gang sitting waiting for illegal alcohol. Cadillac arrived, 3 dressed as policemen, 2 dressed as civilians. Policemen entered building, told 6 members and John May to stand against wall with hands in air. 2 civilian men came and shot them all with a sub machine gun fire. Organised crime was a system rather than a cause for change in society.
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