UNIT 4: Genetic Processes 5,6, 7, 8, 9 & 10

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Unit 4

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2 Guinea pigs breed. One has a cream coat which is recessive (b). The other has a black coat (B). Is it possible to produce a cream colored coat? (cream is recessive). Yes, if the black coated guinea pig is heterozygous and not homozygous they can produce cream coloured offspring.
In peas the allele for purple flower colour is (P) dominat over the allele for white. Cross a purebred tall purple plant with a purebred dwarf plant. All offspring would be heterozygous with a genotype of PpTt and a phenotype of purple and tall.
Black is dominant in guinea pigs while short hair is dominant to long. Cross 2 heterozygous black, heterozygous short guinea pigs. Determine the frequency of having brown pigs with short hair. Out of 16, 3 will be brown with short hair.
How is sex determined in mammals? Sex is determined by the 23 chromsome. 2 X chromosomes results in a female. An X and a Y is male.
What are the chances a colourblind man will have a colourblind son if he has a child with a woman with no history of colourblindness? He will not have a colourblind son
What type of blood can a type A receive? Which blood types can a type 0 receive? Type A: A and O Type O: O
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