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A computer system must be able to take a set of data inputs, process them and produce outputs. It does this using........ Hardware and software
Which is not an input device: Microphone Trackpad Mouse Modem Keyboard Modem
Which is not an output device: Touchscreen monitor Webcam Plotter Video Capture Hardware Projector Video Capture Hardware
Order these largest (top) to smallest: Byte Nibble Terabyte Megabyte Gigabyte Bit Kilobyte Terabyte Gigabyte Megabyte Kilobyte Byte Nibble Bit
What does bit stand for? Binary Digit
What is the main memory? RAM
What does ROM stand for? Read Only Memory
What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory
Is RAM volatile? Yes
Is ROM volatile? No
What does ROM store? BIOS and the OS
What does BIOS stand for? Basic Input Output System
What does the computer need to boot up? ROM
What type of memory is used when the RAM runs out? Virtual Memory
Is virtual memory volatile? Yes
What does the RAM store? Instructions for the CPU to process
What does CPU stand for? Central Processing Unit
What type of memory is fastest for the CPU to reach? Cache Memory
What cycle does the CPU perform? Fetch, Decode, Execute Cycle
If a CPU has 2.4 GHz, how many processes per second can the CPU perform? 2.4 Billion
If a CPU has 5.6 MHz, how many processes per second can the CPU perform? 5.6 Million
If a CPU is quad core, how many processors are there? 4
If a CPU is dual core, how many processors are there? 2
What are the 4 categories of secondary storage? Flash Cloud Optical Media Magnetic
What 3 devices come under optical media? CD DVD Blu-Ray
What device comes under magnetic? HDD
What does HDD stand for? Hard Disk Drive
What 3 devices come under flash? Flash drive SSD SD-Card
What does SSD stand for? Solid State Drive
What does SD-Card stand for? Secure Digital Card
Where are you most likely to see SD-Cards being used? Camera
Where is data stored on cloud memory like Google Drive kept? On a remote server
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