Human Attitudes to Animals and Animal Welfare


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What is meant by the term stakeholders? Different people have different interests in relation to interactions with animals
What is meant by a relationship of affection? Welfare of animal integral to the human-animal relationship
Give 3 examples of relationships of affection Pet keeping Birdwatching Observing wildlife e.g. on safari
What is the origin of pet keeping? Cultural origin with a lengthy history, but based on the human biological urge to care and nurture
In which cultures are pets kept? Many different cultures across the world, but not all of them
What is a relationship of utility? Welfare of animal not integral to relationship - in fact, it is usually in conflict with the human needs
Give 3 examples of relationships of utility Meat eating (and use of fur etc...) Pest control Animal experimentation
What suggests that humans have a desire to eat meat? Through evolution, molars have become sharper and more adapted for eating meat
What is meant by cognitive dissonance? Human find it very difficult to maintain 2 conflicting beliefs at the same time
What is distancing? Coping strategy that involves compartmentalising thinking so relationships of affection and utility do not conflict
Define consciousness Ability to experience and feel - internal narrative of thoughts
Why is consciousness difficult to study? Consciousness is private and we can only assume that others (both people and animals) have it
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