Welfare of Companion Animals

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Give 4 examples of where the term 'companion animals' can be difficult to define Working dogs (utility) Horses (utility) Feral cats Stray dogs
Give 4 components of animal welfare Physical state of body Mental state Environment 'Natural living' - extent to which nature of animal, genetic traits manifested in breed and temperament, are satisfied
Give 3 ways in which welfare of free range hens may be poor Cannibalism Increased risk of disease Beak trimming
Give 2 ways in which access to outdoor space could reduce welfare of cats Risk of road traffic accidents and infectious disease
What is different about pet cat keeping in the US and UK? Normal in US to keep pet cats indoors, due to other factors to consider such as risk of predation
Give a possible welfare problem of indoor cats Clinical signs of lower urinary tract due to stress
Explain why clipping horses in winter may be a welfare issue Improves physiological welfare when being worked May necessitate stabling, which can lead to development of stereotypic behaviours
What is the main animal welfare legislation in England and Wales? Animal Welfare Act (2006)
What is the main animal welfare legislation in Scotland? Animal Health and Welfare Act (2006)
What is the main animal welfare legislation in Northern Ireland? Welfare of Animals Act (2011)
What is the difference in the Animal Welfare Act before 2006 and from 2006 onwards? Pre-2006: duty to ensure no unnecessary suffering 2006 onwards: anyone responsible for an animal must take reasonable steps to ensure its needs are met, encourages positive care not just prevention of suffering
What is significant about the word 'responsible' in the Animal Welfare Act? Do not need to own animal to break the law, only be responsible for it For example, a boarding kennel caring for a dog while owners are on holiday
When will compulsory microchipping for all dogs be introduced? 6th April 2016
Which independent body provides scientific and technical advice to the government about animal welfare? Companion Animal Welfare Council (CAWC)
Give 5 animal establishments covered by specific animal welfare legislation Pet shops Animal boarding establishments Horse riding establishments Dog breeding establishments Performing animals
What is problematic about many animal welfare laws? Out of date Generic e.g. what is a suitable diet? Too much individual variation for specific legislation
What percentage of owners are familiar with the Animal Welfare Act and the needs it details? 31%
Give the 5 primary welfare needs of an animal Suitable environment Suitable diet Ability to exhibit normal behaviour patterns Need to be housed with or apart from other animals as applicable Protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease
Why is taking a history important for diagnosis? Huge individual variation, often only the owner knows what is normal for their animal
What is an issue that many vets and animal welfare charities have with the code of practice for keeping pet cats? Want microchipping of cats to be more strongly recommended
Why is obesity a welfare concern? Increased risk of conditions such as osteoarthritis and diabetes Reduced longevity
What percentage of dogs are overweight? 59%
What percentage of cats are overweight? 39%
What percentage of horses are overweight? 45%
How can welfare problems be quantified at an individual level? Objective measurements, removal of subjectivity as far as possible Validated scoring systems can be used but they depend on the user and can be interpreted differently
Give a disadvantage of using physiological measures to quantify welfare problems Can be difficult to interpret e.g. presence of researcher may increase heart rate
Give an example of where baseline data can be useful Body condition score of an unstabled horse before and after a period of severe weather conditions
What does quantifying welfare problems at a population level require? Control for potentially confounding factors such as age - body condition score tends to decrease in elderly animals
Give 7 stakeholders in animal welfare issues Owners Breeders Vets Pet food companies Insurance companies Pharmaceutical companies Government - formation of legislation
What is the difference between short-term and long-term welfare? Often welfare of an animal may be poor short-term to improve welfare in long term
Give 3 examples of short-term and long-term welfare conflicts Confinement at a veterinary practice to maximise long-term health Confinement at a rescue centre prior to being rehomed Keeping cats indoors at night or 24/7 to prevent road traffic accidents
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