Mass tourism case study - Kenya

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A case study about mass tourism in kenya

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Main Facts - 700,000 people visit per year - Drawn by beaches and Safaris - Tribal culture prominent
Economic impacts - Tourism contributes to 15% of GDP - Tourism is Kenya's largest foreign exchange - 2006 country income = $803 million - 2003, 219,000 people employed - Only 15% of income goes to locals Government promised tribes a share of the profit but this was never fulfilled
Social impacts - Culture and customs are preserved as they are a vital attraction for tourists - Tribes are forced off of their land in order to make national parks - Muslims in kenya are offended by the choice of clothing that westerners choose to wear
Environmental impacts - 23 national parks - Safari vehicles kill vegetation - Habitats destroyed (e.g. leopard habitat) - People take parts of coral reefs home as souvenirs - Pollution means all 5 species of turtle are endangered
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