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the study of the stages before birth. embryology
the process by which a cell takes in material by folding the cell membrane around the material. endocytosis
an organelle in which parts of the cell membrane are made and some proteins are chemically modified. endoplasmic reticulum
catalyst that speed up the rates of biochemical reactions by lowering the activation energy. enzyme
cell that contain a nucleus. eukaryotic
the process by which a cell releases large amounts of material using folds in the cell membrane. exocytosis
the death of all individuals with a species. extinction
the movement of specific molecules across the membrane via protein channels embedded in the cell membrane. facilitated diffusion
anaerobic reactions, which produce energy but not as efficiently as do aerobic reactions. fermentation
union of male and female gametes to form a zygote. fertilization
the theory that organisms best suited to their environments are most likely to succeed. Fitness
long whiplike structures that aid in the movement of some cells. flagella
the preserved remains of ancient organisms. fossil
provides evidence that life on Earth has changed over time. fossil record
a mutation where a nitrogenous base is added or deleted. frameshift
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