Phone Language


Phone words and sentences
Cristina Cabal
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What's happening? The phone is ringing
What is happening? He's dialling a number | ˈdaɪəlɪŋ |
What's happening? They are picking up the phone
What's happening? He's hanging up.
Can you call this company now? Why? No, all the lines are busy,
What's he doing? He's calling back
What's happening? She's waiting for a phone call
What's he doing? He's sending a text message He's texting
What are they doing? They're choosing a new ringtone
What's he doing? He's leaving a message on the voicemail
What's he doing? He's putting his phone on silent/vibrate mode
What's she doing? She's talking on the phone Blog de Cristina also on facebook and twitter Visit us!
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