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These are the notes we took for Chapter 1 in Biology. I hope they are helpful.

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Science An organized way of gathering and analyzing evidence about the natural world, a process.
Observation The act of noticing and describing events or process in a careful, orderly way.
Data Detailed records of experimental observations.
Quantitative Data Numbers obtained by counting and measuring.
Qualitative Data Descriptive involved characteristics that normally can not be measured.
Hypothesis A scientific explanation for a set of observations that can be tested in ways that support or reject it.
Controlled Experiment An experiment in which only one variable is changed.
Independent Variable The variable that is deliberately changed.
Dependent Variable The variable that changes in response to the independent variable.
Theory Well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations.
Atom Basic unit of matter.
Element Pure substance.
Atomic Number Number of protons in nucleus.
Isotopes Number of protons and neutrons in nucleus.
Compound Substance formed by a chemical change.
Ionic Bond Formed when electrons transfer from one atom to another. Oppositely charged atoms are then attracted to each other to form the bond.
Molecule Structure that results when two or more atoms bond.
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