Lecture 2- The Structure of the Atom

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What is the relative mass and charge of a proton? Relative mass: 1 Relative charge: +1
What is the relative mass and charge of a neutron? Relative mass: 1 Relative charge: 0
What is the relative mass and charge of an electron? Relative mass: 1/1836 Relative charge: -1
Isotope Atoms with the same atomic number but different mass number (or the same number of protons but different number of neutrons)
What are the common isotopes of sodium?
What are the common isotopes of carbon?
How are isotopes detected? Mass Spectrometry
What is measured is mass spectrometry? Measure the molecular weight of atoms or compounds by observing their mass to charge ratio
Half Life The time required for half of the isotope to decay to a stable state or the time taken for the activity of a given amount of radioactive substance to decay to half its initial value
What is an alpha particle? Helium nuclei (2 protons and 2 neutrons)
What is a beta particle? Electron
What is a gamma ray? Gamma photon (high frequency EM radiation)
Alpha Decay Equation
Beta Plus Decay Equation
Beta Minus Decay
Gamma Decay Equation
Penetrating power of alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays Alpha particles are absorbed by paper, beta particles are absorbed by aluminium and gamma rays are absorbed by lead
Industrial uses of unstable isotopes Energy generation, sterilisation of food and medical supplies (Co-60), Smoke detectors (Am-241), Imaging and gauging
Medical uses of unstable isotopes Provide diagnostic information, Treat some medical conditions by weakening or destroying targeted cells (cancer and overactive thyroid)
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