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a capella singing without musical accompaniment
accelerando accelerating - gradually increasing the tempo
accent a sign > used to indicate a dominant beat
accidental a sign used to show a temporary change in the pitch of a note. This can be a sharp #, flat ♭, double sharp x, double flat ♭♭, or naturalNatural Sign - Please note that the sharps or flats in a key signature are not regarded as accidentals
adagio at ease - play slowly
additional notes a note not belonging to a given scale, but can be used for improvising against most chords in a progression without sounding out of key
ad lib (ad libitum) at liberty - the speed and style of play is left up to the discetion of the performer
a due intended to be played as a duet for 2 voices or 2 instruments
affettuoso with effect or with emotion
agitato agitated
alla breve cut time - 2 beats per measure, i.e., 2/2 time which means 2 minim beats in each bar
allegro cheerful or brisk, but commonly interpreted as lively, fast
alto high - often refers to a particular range of voice, higher than a tenor but lower than a soprano
anacrusis a note or series of notes that precedes the first full bar in a piece of music (pickup/pick-up note)
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