The Strange Situation (Ainsworth 1970)


Mary Ainsworth, 1970, completed a famous study which first classified different types of attachment, broadly whether they were positive or negative. It was called the strange situation because it was in a place unfamiliar to parent or child. This is actually a controlled observational study as there is not a true independent variable.
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The study investigates: - the infant's reaction to separation from the caregiver (attachment figure)
- The infant's reaction to reunion with the caregiver - The infant's reaction to a stranger - The infant's willingness to expore the environment with the caregiver present, compared to with stranger present.
The study lasted about 20 minutes and used... 56 white, middle class 18-20month old infants
On this side will be what happened in each 3 minute episode. On this side, the assessed behaviour.
1. Parent and infant play n/a
2. Parent sits, infant plays Use of parent as secure base
3. Stranger enters and talks to parent Stranger anxiety
4. Parent leaves, infant plays, stranger offers comfort if needed separation anxiety
5. Parent returns, greets reunion behaviour
6. Parent leaves infant alone Separation anxiety
7. Stranger enters and offers comfort Stranger anxiety
8. Parent returns, greets infant and offers comfort reunion behaviour
Ainsworth used the situation to monitor ... Separation anxiety and introduction of the stranger to monitor the stranger anxiety.
She also examined... the baby's behaviour towards the caregiver (always the mother in this study)...
to assess whether or not the baby... used her as a safe base to exlpore the room.
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