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What are the 4 layers of the DOD model? Process/Application, Host-to-host, Internet, and Network-access
Which layers of the DOD model correspond to the OSI model Process=Application, Presentation, session. Host-to-host=Transport. Internet=Network. Network-access=Data Link, & Physical
Describe the Telnet protocol Allows telnet client to access resources on telnet server.
Describe FTP (file transfer protocol) lets you transfer files across IP
what is the username needed to bypass regular authentication for FTP anonymous
What are some major functions of FTP and what is 1 function you cannot do Viewing and manipulating directories and copying files from one host to another. You cannot execute programs remotely.
Describe SFTP Secure FTP uses SSH (secure shell) to encrypt FTP activity
Describe TFTP Trivial FTP can only send/receive files. Cannot browse/manipulate directories. Less overhead and faster
What is SMTP protocol used for Sending email. AKA push protocol. Stands for Simple mail transfer protocol.
What is POP used for. Post Office Protocol. Used for receiving email.
What is IMAP used for? Selectively downloading email.
What are some features that make IMAP better than POP? Security=you can see part of the message before you download. You can selectively download. You can search for specific messages. And is capable of using SSO like Kerberos.
What are the current versions of POP and IMAP? POP3 and IMAP4
What is RDP function? To connect to another computer and run programs.
What company developed RDP? Microsoft
What do TLS and SSL stand for and what do they do? Transport Layer Security and Secure socket layer. They are cryptographic protocols used for secure internet connection.
Describe SIP and RTP Session Initation Protocol=sets up and tears down multimedia connection such as VOIP. Real-time Transfer Protocol deals with packet formatting for delivering audio/video over the internet such as VOIP.
What does SNMP do? Simple Network Management Protocol collects and manipulates valuable network information.
Describe the parts of SNMP. 1)It collects info at either fixed or random intervals. 2)When all is well, the SNMP "watchdog" collects a baseline. 3)When any aberrations occur, the "watchdogs" send a "trap" to mgmt.
What are the versions of SNMP and which should be used? There are v1, v2, and v3. For best security and efficiency, use v3.
What does SSH do and what is it replacing? Stands for secure shell. Sets up a secure Telnet connection. It is replacing telnet.
What does NTP do? ensures that all computers on a given network agree on the time. Stands for network time protocol.
What is SCP? Secure Copy Protocol. Uses SSH to transfer files. SFTP should be used instead, though.
What is LDAP used for. Accessing directories. (of users and devices)
What is IGMP involved with? Internet group mgmt protocol is used with IP multicast sessions. Reveals multicast landscape and join/quit an IGMP group.
What are some things acquired via DHCP? IP address, Subnet mask, Domain name, Default gateway (routers) , DNS, WINS information
What are the 4 steps of the DHCP process (of getting info)? DHCP discover msg, DHCP offer, DHCP request, DHCP information.
Which has a larger header and why-TCP or UDP? TCP because it needs to ensure properly delivery of data.
Why is UDP called unreliable and connectionless? Unreliable=no acknowledgements. Connectionless=no virtual circuit.
Why use multiple port numbers when transferring data? to keep track of different simultaneous conversations
What number usually delineates well-known port numbers to those dynamically assigned? 1024
What are the internet layer protocols? What do they stand for? IP (internet protocol), ICMP (internet control message protocol), ARP (address resolution protocol), RARP (reverse ARP)
Describe what IP does essentially? Looks at the IP address and decides (via routing tables) what the next step should be.
What are some common events that use ICMP? Destination unreachable, buffer full, hop limit, ping, tracert
What does ARP do? finds the hardware address of a host from a known IP address.
Describe RARP When a diskless machine in an IP network needs a MAC address, it asks a RARP server for one (given its IP address). *identity crisis
What is the data called at the Transport layer, network layer, data link layer and physical layer. Some People Fear Birthdays. Segments, Packets, Frames, bits.
What does CRC and FCS stand for and what do they do? Cyclic redundancy check is a math-something for checking data integrity. If it matches with the Frame Check Sequence, the data has assumed integrity and it passes it up to the next layer.
Complete the matching task in the notebook. Did you get it right?
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