Skull foramina

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What passes through the internal acoustic meatus in the temporal bone? Facial nerve (CNVII), vestibulocochlear nerve (CNVIII) and the labyrinthine artery
What structures pass through the foramen magnum? Medulla oblongata, accessory nerve (CNXI), vertebral arteries, dural veins and anterior and posterior spinal arteries
What nerves pass through the jugular foramen? Glossopharyngeal (CNIX), Vagus (CNX) and Spinal accessory nerve (CNXI)
What arteries and veins pass through the jugular foramen? superior bulb of the internal jugular vein, inferior petrosal and sigmoid sinuses AND meningeal branches of ascending pharyngeal and occipital arteries
What nerves pass through the inferior orbital fissure? Zygomatic and infra-orbital nerves (CNV2) and branches of the pterygopalatine ganglion
What bones make up the infra orbital fissure? sphenoid and maxilla
What nerve passes through the carotid canal? Internal carotid nerve plexus
What foramen are found in the sphenoid bone? Foramen rotundum, ovale, spinosum, optic canal and superior orbital fissure
What nerve passes through the foramen spinosum? Meningeal branch of the mandibular nerve (CNV3)
What structures pass through the superior orbital fissure? Lacrimal, nasociliary and frontal nerves (CNV1), Occulomotor (CNIII), Trochlear (CNIV), Abducent (CNVI) and ophthalmic vein
What bones make up the foramen lacerum? Occipital, temporal and sphenoid
In which bone is the stylomastoid foramen located? In the temporal bone (just medial to the mastoid process and posterior to the styloid process)
In which bone is the supraorbital FORAMEN? Frontal bone (just lateral to the supraorbital notch- it transmits the supraorbital nerve, artery and vein)
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