OMGT 5613 - Midterm Review

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Midterm Review

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Manufacturing is important to the economy because why? It generates wealth, supports service industries, and adds value to products.
If manufacturing lead time of an item is reduced by 50%, what happens to the WIP? The WIP is reduced by approximately 50%
What are the 4 inputs to manufacturing planning and control? Product description, process description, available facilities, and quantities to be produced.
Which level in the Manufacturing Planning and Control (MPC) system has the longest planning horizon and the least level of detail? Strategic Business Plan
What type of planning is concerned with the process of checking whether the critical resources are available to support the preliminary MPS? Rough-Cut Capacity Planning
What is a BOM planning structure? Bill of Materials
A company wants to produce on avg 500 units/month over the first quarter of the year at a uniform rate. The first three months have 19, 20, and 21 days. How much should the company produce each day to achieve a level structure? 500 * 3 Months = 1500 25 units *60 days = 1500 25 units/day for level structure
For the purpose of production planning, product groups should be established on the basis of what? Similarity of Manufacturing Processes
What is a vital link in the production planning system that forms a vital link between sales and production and what manufacturing will actually build. If also allows orders to be promised or not. Master Production Schedule
Which basic production planning strategy will build inventory and avoid the costs of excess capacity? Production Leveling
The routine that Toyota follows to establish a problem solving culture of learning the methodology of grasping the current condition, establishing the target condition, and then following a series of PDCA actions to navigate obstacles is called what? Kata
A work center consists of 2 machines working 8 hours a day, and 5 days per week. Historically, utilization has been 80% and the efficiency 90%. The effective capacity, to the nearest hour, would be what? Rated Capacity = available time X utilization X efficiency Avail Time = 2 * 8 * 5 = 80 hrs R Capacity = 80 * .80 * .90 = 57.6 standard hrs
The early error detection system that Sakichi Toyoda designed for his mother's weaving loom and ultimately patented, is commonly referred to in the Toyoda Production System as what? Jidoka
The time for those production activities that actually transform the product in a way the customer is willing to pay for is called, ____________ time? Value-Added Time
CHECK! Parent item A requires 1 each of component B and C. Both B and C are processed on Work Center 20. which has an available capacity of 40 hours. The setup time for component B is 1 hour and the run time is 0.30 per piece. For Component C, setup time is 2 hours and the run time is 0.20 hours per piece. Calculate the number of B's and C's that can be produced? ?
In most organizations, what % of the total manufacturing leadtime is non-value added? 95%!!!
Two basic components of Lean Manufacturing that establish discipline, workplace organization and the ability to see waste quickly are what? 5S and Visual controls
A work center was available for work 80 hours, produced 74 standard hours of work and actually worked 67 hours. What is the efficiency of the work center (closest 0.1%)? Eff Rate = std hrs worked / hrs actual work Standard Hours / Actual Work = 110.4%
In order for a Pull system to run most efficiently and effectively in a manufacturing plant, two components are necessary. What are these two components? Supermarket Bins and Kanban Cards (or Kanban System)
What is the purpose of LEAN? To eliminate waste
What is a KANBAN system used to control? The Pull System
What are the 5S Visual Controls? 1. Sort 2. Shine 3. Straighten 4. Stabilize 5. Sustain *Safety
What is the basic definition of visual controls? They are waste elimination tools that use audio/visual signals to provide an immediate understanding of a situation or condition.
What is the process of Standard Work as a LEAN control? Tasks completed in an organized best known sequence using the most effective combination of resources.
What is the purpose of Source Inspections and Poka-Yoke? It is to build error proofing into the system.
What is the purpose of setup reduction within LEAN? To minimize equipment downtime between product change overs.
What is Heijunka? Levelized Production that applies to the even distribution of workloads and product variety.
What is cellular manufacturing? Link manual and machine operations into the most efficient combination to maximize value added content while minimizing waste.
What are the six major losses within TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)? 1. Breakdown Losses 2. Setup and Adjustment Losses 3. Idling and Minor Stoppages 4. Reduced Speed Losses 5. Quality Defects and Rework 6. Start-up and Yield Losses
What is OEE? Overall Equipment Effectiveness
What are the four levels of the Manufacturing Planning System? 1. Strategic Business Plan 2. Production Plan 3. Master Production Schedule 4. Material Requirements Plan
What is the key to effective Production Planning? Match Priority w/ Capacity
Which planning level is concerned with the resources needed in each period and the availability of needed resources. The Production Plan
What is the typical planning horizon of the MPS and MRP? 3 to 18 months
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