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What are the functions of connective tissue? Binds and supports tissues. Insulates and protects organs. Major transport system in the body - blood. Energy store - fat (adipose tissue). Immune function.
The two elements of connective tissue are: Connective tissue cells Extra cellular matrix (material between the cells).
Cartilage is firm but pliable
Two different types of connective tissue? Cartilage and bone
Bone is hard and not pliable
Is connective tissue highly vascular? Yes
Connective tissue cells? Fibroblasts Macrophages Plasma cells Mast cells Adipocytes
Fibroblasts Synthesise fibres
Macrophages defence function. Engulf bacteria and debris.
Plasma cells defence/immune function. Secrete antibodies.
Mast cells Produce histamine. Dilate blood vessels.
Adipocytes Fat cells. Energy storage.
Collagen fibres are found in ? Bone, tendons, cartilage, ligaments.
Elastic fibres are found in? The skin, blood vessel walls, lung tissue.
Collagen contains the protein? Elastic fibres contain the proteins? Reticular fibres contain the protein? Collagen. Elastin and Fibrillin. Collagen.
Reticular fibres are found In the walls of blood vessels, around fat cells, nerve fibres and muscle tissue.
Areolar connective tissue is found in the subcutaneous layer of the skin.
Cartilage is made up of collagen and elastic fibres.
Cartilage cells are called? Chondrocytes
Cartilage has a blood supply? No
3 types of cartilage. Hyaline Fibro Elastic
Chondrocytes sit in small spaces called? Lacunae.
Where is fibrocartilage found? Intervertebral discs
Hyaline cartilage is found in? Ends of long bones, ribs, nose
Elastic cartilage is found in larynx (Epiglottis), ear and auditory tubes.
Types of cells in bone? Osteogenic cell (develops into an osteoblast) Osteoblast (forms bone extracellular matrix) Osteocyte (maintains bone tissue) Osteoclast (functions in reabsorption, the breakdown of bone matrix)
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