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Midterm qs 1-15

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It is important to Duck and __ in the event of an emergency. Cover
Which of the following is unique in our best definition of life? pass along changes or mutations
Which of the following is included among living things? none of the above
Early reports of possible life on the first Mars landing turned out to be what? rust formation on Mars in the soil
Water can absorb & release large amounts of heat without much change in temperature because of water's __ heat capacity
Globular or linear molecules made of amino acids are __ proteins
Widespread hydrocarbons including glucose are __ carbohydrates
With one end of a long molecule being polar, and the other end hydrophobic, this is a __ lipid
A universal solvent is __ water
Molecules that comprise most of any cell membrane are __ lipids
The most common molecules that interact via hydrogen bonding associated with all life are __ water (molecules)
A molecule with a backbone of N-C-C-N-C-C (mainly a chain of amino acids) is a __ protein
A long peptide chain is a __ protein
Components of all cells are __ all of the above
A molecule that demonstrates up to the 3rd level of structure (tertiary) & even a 4th level of structure is a __ protein
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