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Midterm qs 46-60

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Breakdown of energy-rich molecules to yield energy is __ anabolism
The synthesis of macromolecules with a sequence of enzymes is __ none of the above
Which of the following molecules is a direct major part of glycolysis? pyruvate
Which of these occurs 1st in or around virtually all live mitochondria? glycolysis
Which of these does NOT occur in or around virtually all mitochondria? omit detectable light
About how much energy results from adding oxygen to the above reaction compared to anaerobic respiration? 9x more energy
What is the final chemical product of the fermentation in actin proteins which cause muscles to cramp up upon fatigue? lactic acid
What is the proper term for a fertilized egg? a zygote
In any cell cycle, most of the cell's time is being spent in __ Interphase
The final step in mitosis when cells split is known as __ Telophase
From diploid organisms, haploid cells are the direct product of __ meiosis
The ratios of the observed phenotypes are expected to be __ 100% of one phenotype
A phenotype is the result of a genotype plus __ the environment
The fundamental biological function of sexual reproduction is to __ recombine different combinations of alleles for diversity
An allele is defined as __ one of the options for a locus (a locus is the location of a chromosome, also called a trait)
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