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Lithium Li+ ions turn flame crimson. (Kurt Cobain, Lithium, crime -> crimson
Sodium Na+ turns flame orange/yellow. Yellow lemonade is SODa.
Potassium K+ ions turns flame lilacK
Calcium Ca2+ ions turn flame brick red. Builder drinking milk.
Ammonium (NH4+) NH4+ + OH- -> NH3 + H2O Add NaOH solution and warm, resulting gas will turn DAMP red litmus blue
Copper (II) Cu(II) ion (aq) + 2 OH- ions (aq) -> Cu(OH)2 (s) Add NaOH solution. Pale blue precipitate of Cu(OH)2 forms.
Iron (II) Add NaOH solution, green Iron (II) hydroxide precipitates.
Iron (III) Add sodium hydroxide, rusty brown Iron (III) hydroxide precipitates.
Cl- Add nitric acid, then silver nitrate. WHITE AgCl precipitates, soluble in dilute ammonia.
Br- Add nitric acid then silver (I) nitrate sol., cream AgBr precipitates, sol. in conc. ammonia
I- Add nitric acid, add silver (I) nitrate, yellow AgI precipitates, insol. in Ammonia
Sulfate Add HCl, then BaCl2, white BaSO4 precipitates.
Carbonate CO3 ion + 2H+ ion ->CO2 + H2O Add HCl. Bubble resulting gas through limewater, which will turn cloudy.
Ammonia Turns damp red litmus blue
CO2 Turns limewater cloudy. Ca(OH)2 + CO2 -> CaCO3 + H2O
Chlorine gas damp blue litmus turns red then is bleached white
Hydrogen 2H2 + O2 -> 2H2O Ignites with a squeaky pop.
Water (1) Pass vapour over anhydrous copper sulfate crystals. (WHITE TO BLUE)
Water (2) Put water on anydrous cobalt chloride paper. Turns blue to pink.
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