Key Terms: Branding and Promotion

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Above-the-line promotion Placing adverts using the media
Advertising communication between a business and its customers where images are placed in the media to encourage the purchase of products
below-the-line promotion any promotion that does not involve using the media
emotional branding the practice of using the emotions of customers to build a brand
generic brands products that contain only the name of the product category rather than the company or product name
manufacturer brands brands created by the producers of goods or services
marketing mix the elements of a business's marketing that are designed to meet the needs of customers, often known as the 4 P's
Merchandising a promotion specifically at the point of sale of a product
Own-label brands products that are manufactured for wholesalers or retailers by other businesses
Point of sale any point where a consumer buys a product
Promotion an attempt to obtain and retain customers by drawing attention to a firm and it's products
public relations an organisations attempt to communicate with interested parties
sales promotions methods of promoting products in the short term to boost sales
sponsorship making a financial contribution to an event in return for publicity
viral marketing any strategy that encourages people to pass on messages to others about a product or a business electronically
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