Management Strategies in Athletic Training Chapter 5

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What are the 10 Phases of Design and Construction of a Sports Medicine Center? 1.Conduct a needs assessment 2. Seek approval for the project 3. Select a construction process model 4. Select an architect 5. Develop schematics 6. Secure the required funding 7. Bid the contraction 8. Analyze bids and take actions 9. Begin construction 10. Monitor construction
What is Lump-sum bidding? The most traditional method, is often used for governmental units like public schools and colleges.
What are advantages of Lump-sum bidding? - Results in lowest possible price -Ensures fairness -Complies with state and federal statutes
What are disadvantages of Lump-sum bidding? -Contractor might underbid -Less control for owner -Contractor might cut corners
What is construction management approach? The general contractor as part of the design team; That is, the contractor is on board from the beginning of the project, rather than coming in near the end of the design phase.
What are advantages of construction management? -Construction manager is part of design team -More advice on materials, cost, and schedules
What are disadvantaged of construction management? -Construction manger's fee -No direct control over subcontractors
What is design-build? This system only uses one firm to both design and build a sports medicine center.
What are the advantages of using a design-build? -Easier communication -Ability to fast-track problems
What are disadvantages of design-build? -Fewer checks and balances -Greatest potential for major problems
Traffic Patterns are shown in what 2 charts? -Relationship chart -Bubble diagram
What is a relationship chart? Identifying each of the subfunctions of the sports medicine center and to justify the space that they will occupy.
What is a bubble diagram? It illustrates the spatial relationships among the subfunctions of a sports medicine center based on the proximity factors established in the relationship chart.
9 elements to consider when creating a facility design 1. Location 2. Ergonomics 3. Lighting 4. Flooring 5. Electrical System 6. Plumbing 7. Ventilation 8. Specialized Function Areas 9. Accessibility
What are the two most important ventilation concerns? Temperature and Humidity control
How much humility is allowed in a sport medicine facility? Between 40% - 50%
What are foot-candles? A unit of illumination on a surface that is one foot from a point source of one candle
How many foot-candles are recommended to light a Sports Medicine Facility? 30 foot-candles by 4 feet
What’s the minimum height requirement for power outlets in the Athletic Training room? 3 feet
All electrical outlets in a sports medicine facility should be equipped with a? Ground fault interrupter (GFI): designed to interrupt the flow of electricity if a surge of 5 milliamps or more is detected.
What is a Planning Committee? A group of individuals appointed to work with the architect to develop the design of new buildings.
What is a Capital Campaign? Major institutional response to several needs that the institution intends to remedy over three to five years.
What are Definers? the people who will use the facility.