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Benefits of Sports Physical: - breathing becomes better, more efficiently - sleeping patterns - weight control - toned - healthier Mental: - release stress - quicker reaction times - achievements - happier, enjoyment - natural high Social: - more confident - meet other people - team working - communication skills
Who influences our participation? What influence do they have? Family influence us by: - funding - subs - equipment - transport - encouragement - role modelling - Personal motivation - Discourage - Low income - Lack of interest - Duties Friends and Peers influence us by: - encouragement - ask to join - sporting friends - similar interests - rude/discourage - friend groups - peer pressure
Social Class - Higher class people have more time for leisure time because they're richer and have low wages - Most working class people live in the city with longer working hours and less leisure hours - Family background living - Type of Employments
Financial situation - More income means more sporting activity - School sports, subs expensive, for working and lower classes - Elite performer, better level then it will cost more for training and transport and specialist equipment - less opportunities at school and more outside fees
Environment - large town equals more opportunites because of more people facilities, funding - tradition sports, where you live effects your sporting activities, North West England Rugby Union/League - Transport, public transport, inner city, less public transport, rural - Location, near water. you'll have water based opportunities
School Influence National Curriculum KS3 - competitive sports - adventurous - health, fitness, well being KS4 - health, fitness, well being
Skills *choice range *teamwork *knowledge * discipline *taught skills, basis specific *progressive manner
Attitude *positive *confidence *awareness of sports *motivational
Health * preparation, recovery *knowledge, fitness, training *Health and Safety *Stretches *protocols
Older People and Sport Why not? - injuries - unhealthy Encouragement: Transport - price reduction/free Motivation - other older -with family/go with them Media - place posters -paper adverts Free sessions/price reduction Create a new routine Benefits - health, mental social benefits
Leisure Time Is the time you have to do what you want to make yourself happy, usually a sport or hobby Day time-
Disability in Sport What needs to be changed? - disability accessing e.g. wheel chairs lifts - larger doors - disability tournaments/clubs/facilities - advertisement of opportunities - attitudes - cost for the disabled person, can't afford it - role models, advertisement What is being done? - raise the profile, media coverage - including disable needs when making new facilities - more opportunities - easier access - involvement for people with disabilities - extra funding - mixed advertisement - between para/olympics
Who funds sports? The National lottery -Was started by the government in 1994 and is currently ran by Camelot, a commercial company -General public pay by buying scratch cards and lottery tickets They give money to: -Sport 16.67% -Arts 16.67% -Heritage 16.67% -Charities 16.67% -Millennium fund 20% -New opportunities fund 13.33% Facilities and also running costs Money comes from -After prizes 50% -Tax 12% -Retailers commission 5% -Profits 5% Grants for sports from sports councils. £200million annually
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