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In a reaction that involves gases how does pressure affect position of equilibrium an increase in pressure moves equilibrium in the direction where there are fewest moles.
does catalyst used to make sulfur trioxide change the position of equilibrium no it does not the catalyst only speeds up the rate of reaction
what does increasing temperature in the contact process do this increases rate of reaction , but reduces the yield moving equilibrium to the left.
what compromise of conditons is used in contact process and why? 450 degrees Celsius to get a balance between yield and rate. A higher pressure would push equilibrium to the right but extra cost is not needed for such a small yield increase as the equilibrium position is already well over to the left.
What does Equilibrium mean a reversible reaction can reach equilibrium, this means rate of forwards reaction equals rate of backwards reaction. The amounts and concentrations of reactants and products stay the same though reactions still take place.
How can Equilibrium position be changed? The position of equilibrium can be change by temperature, pressure or the concentration of reactants or products.
What does it mean if the position of equilibrium is on the left or the right of the reaction equation If it is on the right the concentration of the products is greater than the reactants and on the left the concentration of the products is less than the reactants
What is the contact process the contact process is when sulfur water and air are reacted to form sulfuric acid
What are the steps of the contact process first sulfur is burned in a furnace with oxygen to make sulfur dioxide. Second sulfur dioxide made combines with oxygen in the air to make sulfur trioxide, it uses a catalyst of vandium oxide at about 450 degrees celsius. finally sulfur trioxide is dissolved in water to make sulfuric acid.
what are the symbol equations for each step of contact process? first s+02 gives so2 second 2so and o2 gives 2so3 this reaction is reversible third so3 and h20 give h2so4
What are the uses of sulfuric acid making paints and pigments, soaps detergents, fibres, plastics, fertilisers
A reversible reaction will only reach equilibrium if? The conditions (temperature and pressure) remain unchanged and no substance is added or removed. this is called closed system.
At the start of equilibrium reaction what happens with the reaction rates of forwards and backwards? forwards reaction slows down and backwards speeds up until both are at the same rate.
Equilibrium can be moved to the right by and to the left by? to move it to the right add more reactant or remove product as its made. to move it to the left reduce reactant or increase the product.
What is a Reversible Reaction reversible reactions can go backwards or forwards under the same conditions. Nitrogen and hydrogen reaction producing ammonia is reversible.
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