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Which of the following is an impact of rapid technological change on job security? Non-routine cognitive skills gain more market value
________ is the ability to model the components of a unit, to connect the inputs and outputs among those components into a sensible whole that reflects the structure and dynamics of a phenomenon observed Systems Thinking
________ is the activity of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal, result, or work product Collaboration
In a job Interview, Lillian is asked to be part of three-member group and design a mock business process based on the strengths and skills of the group's members. In this case, which of the following skills is the interviewer trying to test? Collaboration
Patricia is the marketing manager at a manufacturing firm. She plans new marketing strategies with the help of her subordinates by providing and receiving critical feedback. Here, Patricia is displaying effective ______________ Collaboration skills
____________ is making a reasoned analysis of an opportunity, envisioning potential solutions, evaluating those possibilities, and developing the most promising ones, consistent with the resources you have. Experimentation
What is an example of the hardware component of an information system Operating System
Which of the following is a valid reason for a company to create a new information system to help employees achieve the strategies of the business
Hardware consists of electronic components that _____, ______, ______, and _____ _____ input, output, process, and store data
The CPU is referred to as....? The brain of the computer
The CPU performs arithmetic and logical comparisons and stores results of operations in memory TRUE
The speed and costs of central processing units are the same across multiple hardware vendors FALSE
Some computers have two or more CPU's TRUE
The CPU reads data and instructions from a read-only memory FALSE
Optical disks are the most common stoarge devices FALSE
USB connectors complicated the connection of peripheral gear to computers for users FALSE
Main memory is also called cache memory FALSE
A bit is represented either as a zero or a one TRUE
The purpose of a database is to... Store lists of data involving multiple themes
A _________ is a self-describing collection of integrated records database
Which of the following best describes a byte in a database It is a character of data
In a database, bytes are grouped into Columns
In a database columns are also called fields
In a database, rows are also called records
In a database, the collection of data for all columns is called a record
In a database, a group of similar rows is called a Table
In a database, a table, which is a group of similar rows, is also called a File
________ refers to software systems that support very high transaction rates, processing relatively simple data structures, replicated on many servers in the cloud NoSQL DBMS
Interpretations of Moor's Law assert that Computing power doubles every 18 months
Which of the following storage types are non volatile ROM
Which of the following refers to an application that runs on personal computers and does not need to connect to any server to run A desktop program
What Is a CPU The actual hardware that interprets and executes the program (software) instructions and coordinates how all the other hardware devices work together
State the Data Characteristics that are necessary for quality information Accuracy Relevance Just Barely Sufficient Worth its Cost Timeliness
Computer software that is installed into devices such as printers, print servers and various types of communication devices Firmware
4 Basic Competitive Strategies - Lower cost Across the Industry - Lower cost within an industry segment - Better product/service across the Industry - Better product/service within an industry segment
Five Forces Model includes: - Competition from vendors of substitutes - Competition new competitors - Competition of existing rivals - Bargaining Power of Supplier Bargaining Power of Customer
Improve Business Process Quality - Efficiency which is the ration of benefits to costs - Effectiveness is how well a business achieved it goal
List 3 different options you had as to how you could have had the Scan it! app built Off the Shelf Custom off the shelf Custom developed
What are two advantages of the database approach to data management over the traditional approach of paper filing system Security and Accessibility
Why would the agency choose to use a Database Management System versus a spreadsheet for multiple themed information
Which is a function of DBMS? procession a database by inserting or modifying data
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