Unit 2

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unit 2 vocab

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Certificate of Deposit SB a type of investment that requires you to invest money for a certain length of time and guarantees the same rate of return (interest) for that entire period. CD’s usually require a minimum deposit.
Check 21 Act or Electronic Check Conversion SB Allows checks to be electronically to authorize an automatic withdraw from checking account. (Eliminates float time)
Direct Deposit SB automatic deposit of net pay to an employee’s bank account.
Endorsement SB Signature on the back of a negotiable instrument, such as a check. Blank – check holder signs the back of the check. Restrictive – requires the check holder’s signature and a restriction on how the paper may be used by the bank.Special – allows you to transfer a check to an organization or another person
The Card Act SB a consumer has the right to “opt out” of overdraft fees which will decline a purchase from an account where funds are not available.
Overdraft SB a withdrawal by check, electronic transfer, or debit card of an amount that’s larger than your available bank or credit union balance.
Overdraft fees SB Fees the bank will charge if there are insufficient funds in an account. A consumer must “opt in” to overdraft fees.
Payee SB the person, business, or organization to which a check or money order is made out.
Pre-paid credit cards SB A credit card with a pre-deposited balance, like a store gift card. These are generally used to control spending, they differ from credit cards in that they require no credit check, nor do the issuers report to credit bureaus. There may be fees involved with this type of card.
Reconciliation SB a report that accounts for all the differences between a bank statement and personal records
Savings account SB an account in a bank or credit union that pays interest on your balance—though some institutions require that you have at least a minimum amount in the account to qualify for earnings
Savings bond SB document representing a loan of more than one year to the U.S. government, to be repaid, with interest on a specified date.
Retirement plan SB investment plan that helps individuals set aside money to be used after retirement.
Investment SB purchased financial asset that is expected to increase in value, provide income, or both.
401K SB a tax-deferred, employer sponsored investment plan for employees, contributions will often be “matched”
403B SB a tax-deferred retirement plan for employees of not-for-profit organizations, such as schools, hospitals, foundations, and cultural institutions.
457 SB is a tax-deferred retirement plan available to state and municipal employees which might include firefighters, police, and teachers.
IRA SB are tax-deferred, personal retirement plans
Checking account SB cash deposited into an account to make future cash purchases or withdraws. Cash purchases can be made by debit card, check, or electronic transfer. Cash can be withdrawn using a debit card or ATM.
Rate of return SB income you collect on an investment which is a percent of the purchase price
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